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After the controversy that was generated by the drug-themed party that Julius Caesar Domingueza Cruz Azul player, organized one of his sons, a video where Norma Palafoxnow element of Women’s Blue Crosssang a drug ballad.

The video of Norma Palafox singing a narcocorrido

Through her social networks, a few weeks ago the footballer of the Women’s MX League shared a TikTok in which you hear a ran dedicated to the kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmanfounder of the Sinaloa Cartel and who is imprisoned in the United States.

In the description of her video, which has since been removed from her TikTok account, the lead wrote: “I’m an 11, but they call me ‘JGL’ and I’m hallucinating“. In the recording he is seen singing a fragment of the song that is interpreted by The Addictive and Luis R Conriquez.

It should be noted that the player shared the clip, which can still be seen on her profile on Facebookwhen it was still Pachuca Women’s player, team that at that time did not refer to the publication made by its player.

What does the ‘JGL’ narcocorrido say?

In 2022the grouping The Addictive and Luis R Conriquez launched a narcocorrido dedicated to El Chapo Guzmanwhich is named ‘JGL’initials of Joaquin Guzman Loera. The controversial song tells the story of the well-known drug lord in Mexico and his children, “The Chapitos”.

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