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The tests to opt for one of the 11,171 Specialized Health Training (FSE) places are held normally and “without incidents” this Saturday afternoon simultaneously in the 17 autonomous communities, health vacancies of which 8,550 correspond to medicine, and within them, 2,455 are intended for family doctors.

The exams, which last 4 and a half hours and are made up of 200 questions and ten in reserve, are being carried out without incident, as the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, who approached this afternoon, told the press. to the branch ministry to encourage and wish luck to a group of applicants.

A call in which, for the first time, 20 places for child and adolescent psychiatry have been offered, one of the measures provided for in the Government’s mental health prevention plan.

This year, also for the first time, the requirement of prior approval to access training places in private hospitals disappears, Calzón has detailed, a measure with which equal opportunities are sought and merit and ability are rewarded.

Another novelty is the battery of measures that have been included to help ensure that all vacancies can be filled, including the reduction of the cut-off mark, which according to the Secretary of State will allow 10% more applicants to pass the access.

At the same time, the second appeal that has been implemented this year stands out: that is, if there are vacancies, a second appeal will be made so that applicants who did not choose a place in the first round for any reason have the possibility to choose it.

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