North American airlines and tourism companies negotiate with Cuba

The Cuban government exchanged with officials from US airlines and tourist travel companies. The statement was offered by the general director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad, Ernesto Soberón.

Among the objectives that were addressed were ways to strengthen relations with the natives of the island who reside in North America. Recently from the northern nation, a greater number of trips by American Airlines and JetBlue airlines to Cuban airports were authorized. An amount that exceeds the 13 additional weekly flights with the city of Miami as origin.

The bilateral meeting took place in a difficult economic time. The real plan of the state for the arrival of tourism to the largest of the Antilles is below the expected levels.

The groups with the highest incidence in tourism to Cuba are Canadians with 298,410 members. The other important emitting flow is Cubans living in the United States who visit their country of origin and they represent 212 thousand 485. One reason to add the continuity of flights leaving North America.

Redesign the tourism strategy

When the month of August ended, the figure that landed in the country was 971,456 foreign tourists. This is a far cry from the 2,500,000 tourists that the Caribbean archipelago wanted to assimilate this year.

It represents 12.27% of the foreigners who welcomed the tropical island at the same time in 2019. It was the last time that the Cuban nation registered its best numbers before Covid-19 spread throughout the world.

The context shows that non-private hotel facilities in Cuba are devoid of guests. The authorities of the tourism industry have redesigned their strategy so that the country is not only chosen for its heat and its beaches. The options also show other sites of interest to the visitor, landscapes, historical and cultural centers, as well as health offers.

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