North Korea blames the US for the crisis in Ukraine and defends Russia

North Korea accused the United States of being the real cause of the Ukrainian crisis and defended Russia, in Pyongyang’s first official response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia sent troops this week to neighboring Ukraine, a move that drew international condemnation and harsh sanctions.

But North Korea, in a comment posted on the Foreign Ministry’s website, said the United States is responsible for the conflict.

Washington has sought “military supremacy without considering the legitimate Russian demand for its security,” according to the comment attributed to Ri Ji Song, a research fellow at the Northern Society for International Political Studies.

“The root cause of the Ukrainian crisis is also in the arbitrariness of the United States,” said the text posted on the ministry’s website on Saturday.

Ri criticized Washington for maintaining a “double standard”, saying that it gets involved in other countries’ internal affairs in the name of “peace and stability”, but “unreasonably denounces the defensive measures taken by other countries for their security”. national”.

“The days of the United States reigning supreme are over,” the text said.

It is the reaction of a low-key official, which is why it was published under his particular name, said Park Won-gon, professor of North Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University.

“The bottom line is that it’s all the fault of the United States. The main point is that you are going to suffer if you don’t have power,” he told AFP.

Other than China, Russia is one of North Korea’s few international allies, and has helped Pyongyang in the past.

Moscow has sought to avoid pressure against North Korea, going so far as to ask for relief from international sanctions against it for humanitarian reasons.

China, North Korea’s main ally, also blamed the United States and its Western allies for “exaggerating” the Ukrainian crisis.

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