North Korea, Kim Jong-un bans leather jackets: only he can wear them

The news is reported by Radio Free Asia, cited by Daily Mail. Worn for the first time by Kim Jong-un, in 2019, the trench coat became popular among the North Korean elite (who could afford real skin) eager to show her loyalty to the “Boss”. But recently, given the proliferation of counterfeit imitations, a drastic decision has come: close the shops that sell them and take them away from the people who own them. All for the fear that this “standardization” diminishes the appearance of the dictator and undermines his authority.

It all started last September, when the unofficial trade between China and North Korea was reopened after the blockade due to a pandemic: local traders have started buying synthetic leather to make jackets and these spread first among the wealthier classes, and then also among the common inhabitants, like a new fashion. And Kim didn’t like it.

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