North Korea: Seoul, there were 2 unidentified bullets – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, 14 JAN – North Korea has launched two “unidentified bullets” to the east, according to an update provided by the South Korean military and released by Yonhap, in the third initiative of its kind from 5 January.

The new test comes after the US imposed new sanctions on 6 North Korean officials, prompting Pyongyang to swear it will never give up its “right to self-defense”. The launches have also been confirmed by Japan which believes, like South Korea, to be ballistic missiles.

This morning, in response to the US initiative, Pyongyang warned through a Foreign Ministry spokesman that there would be a “stronger and more decisive” response to the imposition of new US sanctions. “If the United States takes such a confrontational stance, North Korea will be forced to react more strongly and decisively,” the spokesman said. (HANDLE).