Nostalgia in LoL: What do you miss in the game?

Perhaps you are one of those who, after months or years without entering the client of League of Legendswhen you do it after completing that vacation period on the Rift you get a surprise: everything has changed too much.

Because yes, maybe the map is the same, there are Dragons, the Baron is still in his usual place and, in short, there are new champions but the ones you dominated are more or less the same. So far, we’re doing fine.

However, once you open the shop the problems begin; a multitude of new objects, changes in the recipes, items that you used to make are no longer there or runes that, before entering the map, you don’t even know what they do.

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Ok, that 0-7-4 you just made is evidence that you might need some practice after coming back, why don’t you play a Dominion? Wow, there is no way… Well, a 3vs3. Ah, that has also been removed, but what happened?

Well, basically, it happens that LoL has changed a lot and beyond the 5v5 Rift, ARAMs, and occasional game modes, there’s not much else to do in the game, and Reddit has had a bout of nostalgia for that.

When reading this forum thread I couldn’t help but think back to my early years of LoL, when I played my Zion AP before the reworkthe gragas that burst from a Q+R or the Enlist AP that Shushei made so popular on Fnatic.

Users of the thread have commented on things that they miss, especially iconic objects that were key in many builds: from the Rod of Agesuntil the Hextech Gunsaberpassing through the incredible Lantern with the ward waves mothers, that took percentage life.

But beyond objects, they cite the extinct modes of dominion (who was going to conquer bases), the 3vs3 mode that has changed so much over the years, Summoner’s Rift Winter Modethe doom bots or even former champions that have passed through the workshop of the rework.

And it is that, in the past, the Rift changed according to the season of the year in which you played; There was even a Halloween map!, something that doesn’t happen now and doesn’t seem like it will happen (although we have a very cool Elemental Rift, wow).

In addition to all this, there was the Courta tool that although it served to farm points and not paying attention to who you punished, well used it served to ban to all those toxic people you didn’t want to see even in painting.

That was the court.

On the other hand, the objects; The ones I mentioned were very good, but for example the Zz’Rot it was a pass for him split-pushnot to mention the support items that accumulated gold… Oh yeah, give me 4 more shells.

In this sense, the Reddit thread is a call to Riot to release more stuffeven those that were already in the game, launching them again to recover the illusion of many and that many others try game modes or items that were great.

And you, what do you miss in LoL? Those of us who entered the end of the beta we have lived many things, but maybe you are from another time and have another perspective, although I am sure that you also miss a million things.

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