“Not even the covid hit us so hard”; the illness suffered by Laura Acuña and her children

Laura Acuña, through her social network stories, informed all her followers that she was very ill and that the virus attacked her children very hard, so much so that she dared to affirm that this disease was worse than when they were infected with the new coronavirus .

In several Instagram stories, Acuña answered the questions that were asked about this topic. “We did not have covid, but it has been a virus that you have no idea about. I mean, I think that the covid did not hit us as hard as this and Helena, above all, super badass, ”said the presenter.

Referring to his daughter again, he assured that she was the one who suffered the most of the three, while they were infected. “We had a lot of cough, she more than us, she has had a fever for more days, she has woken up with conjunctivitis in her eyes, her throat hurts, her chest hurts […] and with Helenita I had to start an antibiotic, ”said the Colombian in her stories. Apparently everyone is in very good health, after being “thrown in bed” as Acuña assured.

The presenter was a special guest on the Caracol channel program Day to day some days ago, where he took the opportunity to tell one of the anecdotes he has lived with his son. The central theme of the interview was the role that Acuña has had as a mother, for which they also paid tribute to her work. In addition, they talked about the most difficult part of being a mother, a moment in which recounted the time he almost lost his voice for screaming to save Nicolás, his youngest son.

Apparently, it all started when the presenter was sharing with some acquaintances and went out to answer a call, while Nicolás would have remained under the surveillance of five adults. However, when Acuña was outside taking the call, she noticed from the security camera that her son was trying to climb the wall of a second-story balcony. At that moment, the presenter began to yell at her son to prevent him from continuing with her “feat”.

“I yelled at him so hard that I lost my voice; That had never happened to me, but she got down from there. Take a bigger jump and something can happen to him ”, Acuña expressed in the middle of the interview, assuring that in addition to the scare, she had also lost her voice. As he recalled in the program, the people who were supposedly taking care of the minor would not have realized that he was playing on the balconyalthough they were in the same room as Nicolás.

In his Instagram abound the heartwarming photos of his little ones. In fact, the Santanderean publishes several stories with them, showing how tender she is as a mother and the beautiful relationship she has with her children. “My date forever” (My date always) wrote the well-known presenter remembered for the program “Very Good Morning”, of the RCN Channel. With this photo and this message, Laura made it clear that her little son Nicolás is the man who drives her “crazy” and to whom she dedicates all her time.

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