Not for Cavallo’s apprentices

national representative Margarita Stolbizer This Thursday each presidential candidate’s proposal was analyzed Freedom continue this, xavier mileyand it appeared Against these ideas.

Via a thread on Jean warned that “40 years of democracy and work of Raul Alfonsin They were not in vain. We ended the military coup” and took a firm stance, saying: “Not for those who do not condemn the crimes of the dictatorship,

On the other hand, he reminded that “democracy is pluralism and respect for diverse views” and “you can and should be civil”. without insulting“, and then declare: “Not those who do violence and raise slogans of politics,

Continuing his message, the representative listed some of the social achievements achieved in democracy, such as “the equality marriageHe abortionThe gender equality” and mentioned the words that the members of La Libertad Avanza had used for them: “No head lice, no legalizing the father who does not take care of the children, and no business as a Adoption in. No to barbarism and regression,

Then, he spoke out against “those willing to fail to adhere to the country’s commitments and the SDGs 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals)”, referring to the climate issue. about which the libertarian expressed In favor of sale of rivers and called Global warming of lies”


“Not for those who deny gender violence and promote possession of weapons“It was another demonstration of his, in an apparent reference to Miley’s proposals. “Free access to weapons is a threat to our lives that does not solve the serious problem of insecurity,” he said.

he also hinted “Cavello’s apprentice, Extreme neoliberals who prefer markets without the state and without the people“, the former economy minister during the government of Carlos Menem, came out to express his support for the libertarian.

“Change in itself is an empty concept. Education, action and exemplary leadership to reclaim politics and democracy in the service of the people and eliminate politicians who line their pockets. Not those who condemn corruption. And think only about money,” he condemned.

Finally, Stolbizer called “End bigotry and conflict that prevents us from building a true collective nation project” and assured that “anyone can win sunday election,

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