Not just clothes. They undress Channing Tatum for a magazine and Rihanna entrusts her wardrobe to them blindly: Hollywood stylists

Although it is a profession that often generates uncertainty, the task of the stylist exceeds the limits of clothing. Doing editorial styling does not mean leaving the character raw so that the photographer can do his thing behind the lens. The stylist’s work includes view the way of wearing clothes, from the combination of garments to the attitude with a subjectivity that also has to do with a unique personal vision and pedigree.

From this perspective, clothes take on a new life through a new use. The garments themselves are through the person, the body and the soul that inhabits them. In the assembly of a look there is also an internal, intimate projection where the stylist captures a secret image, perhaps prohibited. Sometimes a precise garment is what determines that crush on others, sometimes it is an attitude, a look or a body posture that are born from the almost dramatic direction in conjunction with the photographer.

Channing Tatum on the cover of Vman
Channing Tatum on the cover of Vman

This is what George Cortina thought when he was commissioned to style the cover and the main article of the magazine VMAN in its 48th edition dressing, and also undressing, Channing Tatum. A job that breathes eroticism and desire in equal partswhere fashion, the character of the protagonist, the mood and the lifestyle they position themselves in a head-to-head competition for first place. Spring Feversuch is the name of the editorial, has the heat of the fever and the ideal spring weather necessary in which Cortina and the photographers Inez Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin printed a new quota of masculine sensuality.

For the stylist, working with actors and celebrities is the result of a consequence of years in the métier that include having been the responsible editor of magazines such as GQ, WSJ, Interview and W, among other. “Sometimes I just need to unbutton the shirt a little more than usual and let a golden chain appear on the chest so that the image has that eroticism that characterizes me, “he said. In the environment it is known that many would like to be touched by the experience of George Cortina.

The stylist’s look is plural, it cannot be anorexic, it has to be lived, read, walked, investigated, studied, dreamed. Fantasy and reality go hand in hand in a continuous, permanent, friendly and sometimes opposite way. In a world governed by capitalist rules it must, of course, provoke desire to buy. An overall crush, from every angle. As the French would say, a coup de foudre almost wild, primitive that is even a provocation and why not, an obsession.

Today the importance of emotion in clothing is freedom of expression. It is more important than before, and the new generations know it perfectly. These are times where the natural, the spontaneous, the genuine and the close are common currency, reflected in similar models that leave out the traditional stereotypes that we knew how to know. There the stylist helps to force that reality that surrounds us and takes it and elevates it to a state where fantasy can go hand in hand with reality in a loving and at the same time violent dance. It happened on the red carpet rented from the Met gala in September of last year called In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, an excuse to honor American fashion, American style and fashion influence. An ideal night to stand out, look and be seen.

There the singer Troye Sivan (26) with 12.5 million followers on Instagram showed off with a look that did not go unnoticed at all. With the help of the stylist and brand new Editor in Chief of the famous Interview, Mel Ottenberg, the young man’s arrival was with a long black muscular dress with a low cut in front and on the sides and platform boots and acrylic high heels signed by Rick Owens. The detail: the white jockstrap that showed through and the accessories worthy of a celebrity: necklace and earrings of brilliant Cartier. As if that image were not enough, the best came when that same night he uploaded a photo of himself peeing from behind on Instagram while standing in front of a urinal. N of R: The photo was taken by Olympic springboard diver Tom Daley at Rihanna’s request.

Much show at first sight that shows that men also know and can wear the famous black dress, that icon of the female wardrobe. Was the blow of effect accidental? No way, his stylist knew that it was time and that the selection of clothing would have its good consequences. And Ottemberg, seasoned in the arts of working with celebrities through unconventional and provocative images, knows how pop culture, celebrities, entertainment and superficiality get into a new paradigm. In an interview to New York Timesassumes that since the world could be coming to an end at any moment, it is important to have fun and take risks through clothing, where superficiality plays a determining role.

Zendaya is a style icon that surpasses trends, from the hand of her stylist Law Roach
Zendaya is a style icon that surpasses trends, from the hand of her stylist Law Roach getty images – Getty Images North America

Although the pandemic and other catastrophes bring people closer to their fears, they also opened the door to a new frivolity. Instagram is a kind of resume for strangers and acquaintances that is updated daily, in addition to the quintessential narcissistic phenomenon: Tik Tok. He is also accused of being the man behind some of the most iconic outfits of the new millennium, which has transformed the work of a stylist into something mysterious and glamorous. Rihanna blindly commissions her wardrobe in a two-way confidence that deserves a separate story.

Defining the style of the new icons is usually a kind of challenge, a blank sheet to test personal capacity since a false step can determine the fall. Or as most of the time it happens, the rise of a new style icon.

Nominated for film Bombshell, Margot Robbie walked the red carpet of the 92nd Academy Awards with firm intentions of going up to receive the statuette, that her consecration become a milestone in her career and that her image with the statuette would go around the world. Though she didn’t win either nomination, the photo of the actress went viral because of what she wore: the gown from the Chanel 1994 haute couture collection that Claudia Schiffer showed, in black silk chiffon strapless princess cut. It was a decision that the Australian actress took on the advice of her stylist, blonde Kate Young. A proposal that did not respond at all to a whim of the famous adviser of style. It had a double message: recycling is also a way to reduce the impact of fashion, one of the most environmentally polluting industries in the world.

Margot Robbie on the red carpet during the arrival of the Oscars
Margot Robbie on the red carpet during the arrival of the OscarsJordan Strauss/Invision – AP

Young, former right-hand man of Anna Wintour in fashion, achieved a position at the pinnacle of her career as one of the most powerful stylists of the moment in the film industry. Magazine hollywoodreporter She was even named the most influential in the film industry for being the perfect intermediary between the performers and the look. Her gaze is so sharp that she even tells herself that her opinion has to do with the Dakota Johnson’s millionaire contracts as the image of Gucci’s perfume or when Michelle Williams signed for Louis Vuitton.

One of her most successful outfits is the one that refers to her work with Selena Gómez (29), who knew how to take her out of the girl and turn her into the woman she is today through consistent looks. The last delivery of the SAG Awards realize that and, beyond that Gómez tripped and fell on the red carpet for the high stilettos Christian Louboutin, the black velvet dress signed Oscar de la Renta and the Bvlgari jewels were a new ten in the career of the stylist. So much fame brings fortune and that of the New York-based stylist is said to reach 15 million dollars.

Each style is a fashion statement. For a stylist, clothes are just a work tool, theirs is another vision of fashion that has an influence on the dress of others. The stylist has charm and charisma in each presentation he makes because he identifies him in a personal way, as long as it is really genuine. Otherwise, it will crumble like a sugar flower on immediate contact with a drop of water. Many have overcome anonymity and share the limelight with their clients who, in addition to being inspirations, end up being friends.

She is the youngest performer to win an Emmy and one of the best references of the red carpet. Everytime that Zendaya appears the look is assured and is a style icon that surpasses fashions. euphoria It places her at a very high point in her career and what she wears always goes hand in hand with the time and the occasion without forgetting who she is. The confidence of the actress in her stylist Law Roach of hers is not discussed as well as the perfect and accurate look that he has on the young woman of just 25 years.

During the delivery of the 2021 Ballon d’Or, Zendaya could have entered with his back turned, as he still had his moment of glory assured. The long black dress signed by Roberto Cavalli, so modest that it seemed from the front, had an open back and supported a golden spine that claimed the snapshot. And so it was, the image went viral. The tour of the presentations of the film dunes It was a joint effort with Roach and not to mention the opportunity for many designers to have well-applied advertising. Last year, in London, she arrived stunning with her 1.78m wearing the sculptural Rick Owens dress of sand-colored paillettes, a faithful continuation of the dunes in the film. There’s a balance between the choice of designer, make-up artist, hairdresser and the personality of each of the celebrities depending on the presentation. In this way, the work follows a path with guaranteed success.

His style prioritizes mixing the audacity of new designers, the best of the established ones, and also pieces according to the moment in an exercise that is easy for him. Your stamp? The fetish for vintage clothing, there is no celebrity that can resist their whim and obsession to dress them with an archive piece selected with knowledge of the facts. The successful work of the brunette even led him to be on the cover of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter as the best stylist in an issue dedicated to the most powerful of 2021 posing with Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy.

The stylist acts from an image conceived in his head, and then it is brought to reality with the elements at hand for clothing, makeup and hairstyle: telling a story from a whole. The stylist acts as a kind of medium to bring the idea to reality. There is an interpretation in each construction through clothing, whether it is one or a set of garments that are never randomly placed. There is always an intention.

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