Not only by avoiding fat but it is possible to clean the arteries in a natural way by preventing cardiovascular disease

In our daily life there are many commitments to be fulfilled. There is work, being with the family, looking after the children and there are also moments of leisure. All this is tackled with determination while remaining healthy. What worries everyone most is being sick and suffering from some unfortunately very widespread diseases, let’s talk about cardiovascular ones. The blood flowing in the arteries carries oxygen throughout the body. If plaques form on the walls of these vessels, they shrink, resulting in a risk of stroke or heart attack.

Plaques, in general, are made up of cholesterol, calcium, white blood cells. Among the causes of these dangerous accumulations there could be hypertension, a diet rich in fat, an excess of circulating sugars and, therefore, also hyperglycemia or diabetes, obesity. Also, genetic causes or related to other pathologies. The basic guidelines are for exercise, avoiding smoking, alcohol abuse and stress.

Not only by avoiding fat but it is possible to clean the arteries in a natural way by preventing cardiovascular disease

Nutrition can play an important role. To prevent the onset or worsening of arterial plaque, you must first seek medical attention. Secondly, correct and targeted eating habits can be included. Certain foods, for example, can be useful for protecting arteries. Among others we have:

  • fermented red rice: this particular type of rice is obtained thanks to a micro organism that makes it take on the characteristic red color. Fermented red rice is very helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels and is compared to statins. It can usually be taken as a supplement, 10 mg per day, but after consultation with your doctor, as it may interact with medications;
  • garlic: has several properties. It is, for example, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant. It can help the cardiovascular system by helping the elasticity of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure; it could also affect blood cholesterol levels;
  • turmeric: the benefits that this spice brings are well known. Remember that it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helps blood coagulation due to the presence of vitamin K, provides calcium and iron and, above all, helps reduce cholesterol in the circulation;
  • chili pepper: often used in cooking, it is a good antioxidant, provides calcium, potassium for cardiovascular health, some vitamins and may lower cholesterol levels. We also remember that the chili is antibacterial and analgesic.

Two ways to take garlic

As for garlic, in addition to adding it in various ways in culinary preparations, it can be taken raw and in some combinations. Among others, with lemon and honey.

  • For an infusion of garlic, boil a small piece of organic lemon and a clove of garlic in a saucepan of water for a few minutes. Filter and drink. It is not recommended for those with low blood pressure;
  • in a sterilized jar put some cloves of garlic and then cover with honey. One a day is enough. Thus, the benefits of two important foods are combined. Beware of those with high blood sugar.

Not only by avoiding fat but it is possible to clean the arteries in a natural way by preventing cardiovascular disease.

(The information in this article is for information purposes only and does not in any way substitute for medical advice and / or the opinion of a specialist. Furthermore, it does not constitute an element for formulating a diagnosis or for prescribing a treatment. For this reason it is recommended, in any case, to always seek the opinion of a doctor or a specialist and to read the warnings given. HERE”)

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