Not only K4rely Ru1z, Yanet García or Celia Lora; these are the most popular mexicans of OF

Not only are Karely Ruiz and Yanet Garcá or Celia Lora from Monterrey, they are the Mexicans who have positioned themselves as one of the most successful models within the blue platform, OnlyF, because in addition to them, there are others who have ventured and are within from the top of the most popular Mexican women on the social network.

Here we tell you who are the most famous Mexicans on OnlyFans, some of the names may surprise you, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on them.

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7 – DanyanCat

The 26-year-old gamer DanyanCat has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube and Twitch. This Mexican takes her attributes beyond video games.

The subscription to your OF is 9 dollars a month, (180 Mexican pesos).

6 – The Babyshit

Daniela Alexis, better known as La Bebeshita, recently opened her OnlyFans and is committed to providing her fans with explicit content that she cannot share on her Instagram account.

The monthly cost for this service is $40 per month (800 Mexican pesos) and it is one of the most famous on this website.

5 – Celia Lora

The daughter of Alex Lora, a participant in ‘Acapulco Shore’ and ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, has also become famous for showing her natural attributes, which is why she has her OF, which costs $12.50 per month , (250 Mexican pesos).

4 – Ninel Conde

Impossible that we were missing Ninel on this list. On Instagram she has 5.1 million followers, who can constantly see the suggestive photos that she shares for our pleasure.

ANDn OF, says, “the content is made for you with a lot of love.” And we do not doubt it. It is one of those that is well priced on the site, so its subscription is 20 dollars, about 400 pesos a month.

3 – Lizbeth Rodríguez, of exposing infidels to OnlyFans

From being the ‘Badabun Girl’ to staying in force in OnlyFans, Lizbeth Rodríguez promises to no longer expose the infidels and now she is only going to consent to them.

To subscribe to his account you must pay $30 per month, but he also earns for the rate challenges that he counts.

It is estimated that the woman from Tijuana would be earning approximately 115 thousand soles per month.

2 – Yanet Garcia

The woman from Monterrey achieved the crown in OnlyFans thanks to her popularity as the “Climate Girl”.

If you want to subscribe to his OnlyFans you must pay $20 dollars a month, which is equivalent to approximately $400 pesos.

Yanet García registers up to 230,000 ‘likes’ on her suggestive content platform every month.

1 – Karely Ruiz

It could not be missing from this list. The model that went viral on TikTok is one of the most active on OnlyFans because in her account she has 95 videos, 534 photos and more than 240,000 likes.

Yanet García, better known as La Chica del Clima, is also present on the platform. Her popularity led her to star in an edition of Playboy magazine, which is why her subscription is one of the most expensive, since users must pay $20 a month to see her content. In her profile she has 350 thousand likes and 485 publications.

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