Not only the 200 euro bonus: Citizenship income, pensions and salaries will be richer

onus and concessions. 14 billions have been allocated by the executive to alleviate the consequences of the surge in bills and fuel and to support families and businesses. They range from the bonus of 200 euros for 28 million taxpayers with an income of less than 35 thousand euros per year, to the 100 million increase in the rent fund.

One of the most important (and perhaps unexpected) measures approved with the Aid decree is certainly the one that provides for the disbursement of a one-off bonus of 200 euros to incomes of up to 35 thousand euros per year. The contribution will not be structural, but will be paid once and that’s it. It is therefore a sort of extra help to support the purchasing power of families.

Who is entitled to the € 200 bonus

The bonus will go to all workers and pensioners with a maximum income of 35 thousand euros, an audience of about 28 million Italians. Seasonal workers, unemployed and domestic workers are also included. Not only that: among the beneficiaries there will also be self-employed workers, as well as citizens’ income earners (which at first it was thought to exclude). For employees and retirees, the extra 200 euros should be paid in the July paycheck.

The maxi allowance for employees and retirees

A particularly lucky month of July is therefore expected for those employees and retirees who are entitled to the fourteenth: this year the bonus of 200 euros will also be added to the extra month. Yes, but who is entitled to the “bonus” that is usually paid in July? As for workers, the right to a fourteenth is not established by law. But it is introduced by sector collective agreements, therefore, at least as regards employees, it depends on the agreement signed with the company.

As for pensioners, the 14th is due to those who are at least 64 years old and have an overall income of up to a maximum of 1.5 times the minimum annual pension of the Employee Pension Fund up to 2016 and up to 2 times the minimum annual pension of the Employee Fund. since 2017.

The social bonus bills

With the Aid decree, the government also confirmed the bill bonus for the third quarter of 2022 for those with Isee below 12 thousand euros or 20 thousand if with at least 4 dependent children. The measure is also retroactive: those who are entitled to it can apply the discount from the beginning of the year; in the case of bills already paid, the discount will be offset in subsequent bills or will be recognized through a refund. It is a bonus paid automatically, provided you have submitted the ISEE declaration.


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