Not only to lose weight and tone muscles, the gym is also essential to solve this other widespread problem

Anyone who has a few extra pounds to shed signs up for a gym. There are specific times of the year in which, even the laziest, decide to get back in shape and make good resolutions. This usually happens in January and September. However, it is wrong to think of the gym as just a place to run for hours on the treadmill or pedal your stationary bike madly, sweating and struggling to burn calories. In fact, not only to lose weight and tone the muscles, the gym is also essential to solve this other widespread problem.

The importance of a personalized card drawn up by a personal trainer

Whatever our problems and needs, the gym is a place to feel good and to meet specialized personnel who can give us clear and precise indications. Therefore, at the time of registration, the parameters to be evaluated are various. First of all, therefore, avoid all those sports associations that do not provide for the drafting of a personalized card, because it is the fundamental basis for being able to do targeted, precise and truly effective work.

Not only to lose weight and tone muscles, the gym is also essential to solve this other widespread problem

Training in the gym can greatly benefit even those who are underweight. There are many people who, for various reasons, are unable to reach their ideal weight. Let’s start immediately with a very important basic concept: gaining weight in a healthy way does not mean gaining weight by binging on sweets, fried foods and various crap. By doing so, not only will we not get any results, but we will cause damage to our general state of health.

Gaining weight in the gym means gaining muscle mass. Among the fundamental exercises we remember:

  • weight lifting for the upper body (lats, pectorals, biceps and triceps);
  • push-ups for shoulders and arms;
  • squats for the legs.

These exercises, and all their variants, allow you to increase strength, muscle volume and also improve coordination.

Constancy, determination and a lot of patience

To build muscle mass, you must not be in a hurry, because the so-called hypertrophic training requires a slow but constant progression regarding the number of repetitions and the load of the weights used. In practice, those who need to grow their muscles must perform a few repetitions with high loads (obviously in relation to their physical conditions and training level).

During a workout of this type, we must go to stimulate the muscles to the maximum. And if after a certain period of time (usually 2-3 weeks), we no longer feel fatigue, it means that the time has come to set new limits. Then increase the number of repetitions while maintaining the same load or increase the weights. This adaptation system allows the muscle to become stronger and consequently also larger.

The importance of recovery

Haste is bad advice and this is also true in the fitness field. Training every day is counterproductive, especially in the case of mass gain, and puts us at high risk of injury and injury. The muscle, in fact, needs rest to be able to regenerate and to recover energy. It may seem strange, but our muscles grow not so much when we lift dumbbells and barbells, but when we are at home, perhaps sitting comfortably on the sofa reading a book or watching TV.


The 7 most common and absolutely to avoid mistakes when training in the gym

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