Nothing under her elegant outfit, a real queen

The beautiful creator of american contentAlexa Dellanos, has shown that she is very grateful to her loyal Internet fans, for which she is constantly producing photos, both to promote the clothing of the brands with which it works, this time showing off a set impressively tight to her charms.

In addition, he was not wearing anything underneath, a detail that internet users sometimes judge but that has become quite normalized and accepted, however, it continues to be a detail that his fans even like.

The likes quickly poured in and racked up in the tens of thousands, the influencer She also received comments from some of her colleagues such as Daniella Chavezamong other celebrities who came to comment with their blue verified check mark.

In addition, the entertainment piece is made up of three photographs so we could see it in three different ways that made people who love to see their work have a better day.

It must be recognized that the famous daughter of Myrka Dellanos She has become an expert in front of the camera, she does not need much to look practically perfect, always taking care of all the details of her person such as her hair, nails, accessories, etc.


Alexa Dellanos/Instagram

Alexa Dellanos shares her great beauty in various photo sessions.

Alexa Dellanos is also promoting other projects, far apart from the followers she may have on social networks, in fact, she has a new club called Lexi Doll, where for a monthly subscription you can be a close part of her exclusive circle.

And it is that when you subscribe, benefits, extra content and even the possibility of meeting people and learning about different topics are unlocked, a visionary project that premiered just a few weeks ago.

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