Novak Djokovic, “a fanatic’s obsession”. The vaccine? No, what is really behind the “suicide” of the Australian Open – Libero Quotidiano

Novak Djokovic is an atypical No Vax and within the history of his participation in theAustralian Open he’s got pretty much everything wrong, “On closer inspection he’s not even that much no vax, he wants to avoid the first, second and third dose because he’s a control fanatic and it’s a job that at some point inevitably leads you astray “, writes the Press. By dint of aiming straight ahead you are forgot what was around.

I'll tell you, in two days .... Djokovic?  No, Tomic: Covid, shocking at the Australian Open

A tennis player used to calculating the consequences of each gesture did not realize how much he had to loseIn the challenge against Australia Djokovic has chosen his own path and he is sure that in this fidelity to harmony there is success. “There remains one who calculates the ratio between rest and power, per second. Ronaldo does it too, with microsleeps, the point is not the list of manias, but the habit of considering every move that this time is skipped. He hasn’t hit one “, recalls La Stampa.

Expelled for reasons of public order.  Djokovic expelled from Australia, the perfect suicide for a vaccine: because he risks everything

The Australian Open wanted him (and wants him) on the bill and tried to facilitate his practices. But the clash between cultures, between the Serbian self-determination of those who resisted the bombs and has an unsolved relationship with history and the Australian closure according to which only their own history exists, has created the short circuit. The Australian law in this regard, known as the Pacific Solution, provides that any “asylum seeker was sorted on an island waiting to understand if he was an adequate subject and today we are evolving that rule whereby the indefinite exile has been replaced with a parking lot, always without dates of deadline “, recalls the Press. Djokovic ended up in this pattern and was stubborn about that one reason which now ruins his reputation.

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