November 13: International Huntington’s Disease Day

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International Huntington’s Disease Day is observed on 13 November, a disease of genetic origin. Progressive degeneration of brain neurons. The objective of this event is to increase awareness among people about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Huntington’s disease.

Huntington’s disease is an autosomal dominant inherited disease involving progressive degeneration of the central nervous system and brain neurons. It usually appears between the ages of 30 and 40. And it is characterized by psychosis, movement and thought disorders.

The disease is also known as “Huntington’s chorea” or “St. Vitus’ dance”, in reference to chorea, which manifests with involuntary and uncontrolled physical movements that do not follow a rhythmic pattern.

Symptoms of Huntington’s disease include:

  • Involuntary and uncontrolled activities.
  • Stiffness and dystonia.
  • Cognitive changes: voice, speech, language and swallowing.
  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks and setting priorities.
  • The tendency to persist in a thought, behavior, or action (persistence).
  • Lack of impulse control.
  • Slowness in processing thoughts.
  • Difficulty learning new information.
  • Feelings of irritability, sadness or apathy.
  • insomnia.
  • social withdrawal.
  • Fatigue and loss of energy.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and high self-esteem.

Bipolar disorder.

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