now comes “Jamie vs. Britney”

This Tuesday, HBO Max premieres the documentary that addresses the issue of guardianship from the perspective of the singer and that of her father.

Almost a year and a half after the resolution of the media case that kept Britney Spears fans scattered around the world pending, comes another documentary miniseries that recounts the controversial judicial process that the pop star faced with his familyfrom two perspectives.

HBO Max premieres this Tuesday, January 10 Jamie vs. Britney: Family Trialsthe documentary of two episodes that narrate and contextualize the story that shocked the entertainment world, through the eyes of the two protagonists of the case: Britney and her fatherJamie Spears.

the docuseries lays out Spears’ conservatorship case in detailgoing back to the events that occurred since February 2007, when the American singer gained prominence for having shaved her hair.

Britney Spears regained her economic freedom after several years of legal struggle.

Britney Spears regained her economic freedom after several years of legal struggle.

The controversial attitude generated a deep discussion about Spears’ mental healthgaining even more media coverage after the artist’s hospitalization in a rehab clinic.

At that time, her father, Jamie Spears, filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court seeking emergency temporary guardianship and he and attorney Andrew Wallet gained the right to control business, estate, and personal life Of the singer.

The guardianship would become permanent in the same year and would remain unquestioned for the following years, even in the face of sensitive statements by Britney Spears and the suspicions of fans about the well-being of the singer.

A long tutelage and the #Free Britney

Britney's case jumped from the family sphere to the legal one, and from the legal one to the street, hand in hand with her fans.  AFP.

Britney’s case jumped from the family sphere to the legal one, and from the legal one to the street, hand in hand with her fans. AFP.

It took 13 years of guardianship so that the pressure of the fans, creators of the “Free Britney” movement, and several attempts to renegotiate by the singer cause the US justice system to review the agreement.

In a long and highly exposed process by the media, in September 2021, Britney Spears’s father, Jamie, requested his removal from the role of guardian of the singer, resulting in the end of guardianship in November of the same year.

Through testimonials from music industry executives, professionals who worked with the singer, members of the “Free Britney” movement, archive footage, and reports, the production retells the shocking story and family drama involving the well-known family. Spears.

The movement "free britney" grows along with the documentaries on the case.

The “Free Britney” movement grows along with the documentaries about the case.

From two perspectives, the series questions whether the controversial guardianship was an act of love by Jamie to save his daughter mentally unstable or a ruthless plan to enslave Britney to keep her estate.

The other documentaries about the case

This is the last of several documentaries that addressed Britney’s complicated relationship with her father, due to the guardianship he exercised for years. One of the ones that generated the most noise was Britney vs. spears which premiered on Netflix in 2021 and which received a lot of criticism, not only from the singer.

british newspaper Guardian described it as a “pretty stupid, low-quality and deeply uncomfortable” film.

Jamie Spears and her daughter.  PA

Jamie Spears and her daughter. PA

Almost at the same time that the Netflix one was released Controlling Britney Spears -through FX and Hulu in the United States-, which at the time Britney herself discredited saying that “much of what they heard is not true”.

In February of that same year, it had been launched Framing Britney Spearsproduced by the franchise The New York Times Presents.

“I didn’t watch the full documentary, but from what I could see, I was ashamed of the place where they put me. I cried for two weeks and I still cry sometimesBritney said of that documentary.

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