Now that the FIFA say goodbye, we tell you what their 10 best deliveries are

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One of the news that attracted the most attention this week was the announcement by EA Sports confirming that its famous soccer saga will change its name and begin a completely new stage. It is because of this, that we wanted to make a top ten with the best FIFA installments throughout its history, according to metacritic.

Yes, we already know that many will say that each installment was the same every year and that the only thing that changed were the graphics and team templates. However, the franchise became one of the most important in the industry and surely many will remember it well.

FIFA 17 was available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC consoles
FIFA 17 was available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC consoles

As I’m sure you remember, metacritic is a website in charge of collecting reviews from different specialized media in the video game industry (and others), so it always helps us to know what to expect from a title or to remember the best of a particular saga.

Thanks to this, we can now know which are the best deliveries of the FIFAbefore it is released FIFA 23 and disappear as we know them.

Here you can see the results:

  • one. FIFA Soccer 10 – 91
  • two. FIFA Soccer 12 – 90
  • 3. FIFA Soccer 13 – 90
  • Four. FIFA Soccer 11 – 89
  • 5. FIFA Soccer 2003 – 88
  • 6. FIFA 14 – 88
  • 7. FIFA Soccer 09 – 87
  • 8. FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer – 85
  • 9. FIFA 07 Football – 85
  • 10. FIFA 17 – 85

As you could see, the first place on the list, and the one that until now is the best of the entire saga, is about FIFA Soccer 10a title that was released in 2009 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Wii and PC.

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On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the most recent top games such as FIFA 14 Y FIFA 17they could only get the sixth and tenth place, which indicates that during the last years the franchise did not convince the specialized critics.

Now, we only have to wait for the arrival of FIFA 23 to say goodbye to one of the most popular sagas, and cross your fingers so that your new stage is worthy of the industry.

Do you agree with the list? metacritic? Tell us in the comments.

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