now the exams! Why Leao out, I hope you come back. Ibra… ”- SOS Fanta

November 25, 2021 at 09:15

Milan beat Atletico Madrid but lost Olivier Giroud to injury. He spoke of French and more Stephen Pegs after the game, at the press conference and to reporters, as reported Milannews.

GIROUD – “Unfortunately he got hurt, he had pain in his left flexor, the exams will tell how serious the injury is. It is the only discordant note of the evening, he was better after so many difficulties and he didn’t really want us ”.

LEAO – “Why out? Leao had remained contracted and was not at 100%, there was no need to take risks and I hope recoveries for Sunday ”.


MESSIAS – “In the meantime, I would remove the miraculous, otherwise it seems that Messias is here by chance. Messias is here because he deserves Milan, he is late but he will prove he can stay there, he also has different characteristics from the others. It’s a beautiful story, but I think it’s just the beginning. He has good qualities, then this goal will give him even more conviction. Messias will support the team ”.

RENEWAL – “Signed? No, not yet. But with the club we are in full harmony, there is a general empathy among everyone that everything must continue like this. Then it is the work, the quality, the ideas and the results that make the difference. Then the signature will arrive “.

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