NSYNC reunite after 20 years for a very special concert: new trailer for ‘Trolls 3: All Together’

Justin Timberlake and the rest of the group reunite to record ‘Better Place’

The new trailer for ‘Trolls 3: All Together’ confirms what we all expected: The Group NSYNC has reunited to voice a new song In the third conflict of the animated saga.

NSYNC: All together!

In the previous trailer for the third part of the ‘Trolls’ saga, we were already told that Branch’s past as a gang member would be explored. boy band, And yes, keeping that in mind The character’s voice in the original version is provided by Justin Timberlake.There were many of us who considered the possibility of NSYNC dubbing the rest of the band.

There’s something to this, because the movie means NSYNC is back together Record your first single together in 20 years, Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick performed the song on the film’s soundtrack. ‘better place’,

The special thing is that even though this film will not be released before November 17. This song will be available from 29th September, There’s another star signing on for the film, which has already given its all to RuPaul and Camila Cabello voicing two characters.

‘Trolls’ is one of the surprise hits of DreamWorks Studios, with the first installment doing so well that it soon got a sequel. The route of the second one was somewhat irregular due to CovidAnd it remains to be seen how this third one will work.

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