Nucesa presents the new Audi A3, a unique model that attracts everyone’s attention

Thursday, June 13, 2024 00:24

Ricardo Bärbel, Nucesa’s commercial director, was responsible for the presentation of the A3 facelift, the brand’s most iconic car. “This will definitely be something to talk about,” he said when announcing the news. “Audi is a transgressive brand; in 1996 it introduced a compact car in the premium segment for the first time. Until then, there were no cars in this category, and it maintained itself.” Now he has taken it one step further. “The A3 has sold almost 6 million units to date and today we are introducing a new family. This model is available in 4 versions: Sportback, Sedan; “With a large boot, the S3 is the sportiest member of the family and the new All Street body style is the first compact crossover in the premium segment.”

One of the main innovations is the design. “In the new A3 we find a new design of the Audi corporate identity; the most modern hoops, incorporating a 2D effect and making them more minimalistic and thin. Model names now include the Audi Sport diamond in S Line or Black Line trim, and the model name and engine are now laser-etched on the B-pillar.

These developments are precursors to what we will see in the next two years in all cars of the German brand: “more than 20 new developments at Audi,” Bärbel announces.

This car comes in colors that have never existed before: District Green, Progressive Red and Ascari Blue.

To give it more sportiness, it is fitted with wheels from the Audi Sport RS range.

The entire design has undergone changes. The striking front spoiler connecting the air intake makes the Audi A3 appear lower. New side air intakes clearly symbolize the sporty character of the compact model. The continuous line of the shoulders makes the figure more muscular. The digital headlights have also been profiled to make the car more stylized and give the impression that it is wider. Daylighting can be adjusted using up to four options.


For the first time, the A3 is entering the market in a crossover version: “This car is completely new, in the premium segment there is currently no one who has a car in this category. We already have it on sale, and the first units will arrive by summer,” explains the head of Nuchesa. “This car has some changes: it is 30 centimeters higher than the regular Sportback, the suspension is increased by 15 millimeters and the tire profile is increased by another 15.”

Another difference between this city SUV and its siblings is that the singleframe (front end), unlike the hexagonal Sportback, is octagonal.

The brand is committed to technology “in line with the needs that users demand more and more every day.” For the first time, these new models will be able to download all sorts of apps from the Audi Store.

This model, like other Audi models, is equipped with a wide range of safety systems using the most advanced technologies that make the new Audi A3 one of the safest cars on the market.

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