Nutri-Score and Yuka, the Agcm asks for clarification on the traffic light labels

The Authority initiated also an investigation against the owner of theapp Yuka, downloadable from AppStore of Google and Apple, which offers readers a healthy evaluation of food products based largely on the Nutri-Score system and which provides alternative proposals for products judged to be mediocre or scarce.

Nutri-Score is applied by yuka to evaluate products

In the system of the Nutri-Score traffic light label, food products are divided into five categories, based on a score calculated using a complex algorithm that subtracts from the total value of the “unfavorable” elements (energy, saturated fatty acids, simple sugars, sodium) that of the “favorable” elements (percentage of fruit, vegetables, legumes and oilseeds, fibers, proteins). Foods with very low scores and, therefore, with a preponderance of favorable elements, are assigned to category A (green), while those with the highest scores are assigned to category E (red).

Fear, highlights the Authority, is that the Nutri-Score label, as well as the scores and judgments provided by theapp, in the absence of adequate warnings, they are erroneously perceived as absolute assessments on the healthiness of a given product, regardless of the overall needs of an individual (diet and lifestyle), the quantity and frequency of intake within a diet varied and balanced. It follows that the consumer could be induced to attribute health properties to products with a positive judgment according to the Nutri-Score label or the evaluation ofapp Yuka and, therefore, to exalt without reason the health results that derive from their choice.

Finally second the Competition and Market Authority is unclear the criterion on the basis of which the alternatives to the consumer are ordered and proposed. Pending the developments of this affair, it should be remembered that by the end of 2022 the Community will have to launch a labeling system on the packaging front to indicate to the consumer a simpler judgment than the nutritional values ​​already present on the product label. In Europe there are already 5 countries that have decided to adopt the Nutri-Score.

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