NVIDIA has a plan to meet GPU demand by the end of 2022

By now we know: thinking of being able to buy a graphics card in recent times has become almost a utopia, either for the shortage of chips which has affected the whole world a little, either because of the situation created by the increasingly widespread cryptocurrency mining, we have seen the prices of the cards skyrocket, reaching values ‚Äč‚Äčthat until a few years ago we would never have imagined.

In any case, the CFO of NVIDIA, Colette Kresshe said at Needham Growth’s 24th annual conference that his company should succeed fix the situation during the second half of 2022, meeting the users and satisfying all requests regarding the purchase of graphics cards and other PC components manufactured by NVIDIA. His statements, relating not only to the fact that the company should be able to deliver graphics cards on time, encompass a bit of the entire ecosystem of its products, and are very much about the trust placed in teamwork, thanks to which it will be possible to start breaking out of the tunnel of chip shortage for high-performance components.

Photo Credit: NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s current work, again according to Kress, will be divided into two main stages: during the first, the company will operate in order to make available as much of the required components as possible, while the second phase, which will start during the second half of 2022, will focus on delivery of these components to all users who want to buy them.

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All this adds to the work already done by NVIDIA to counter the increasingly widespread phenomenon of ferocious mining: long ago, in fact, the LHR versions of RTX 3080, 3070 and 3060 Ti were released, with a reduced hash rate. compared to the original versions, in addition to launching the CMP series graphics cards on the market, which were instead designed specifically to mine cryptocurrencies. It therefore seems that the company’s commitment to guarantee the best experience for its users is actually concrete, but we will still have to wait for the second phase of this new project to be able to start seeing the first results.

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