NY Dominicans alarmed by PLD senator complaint

New York. Resident Dominicans in this city expressed to be alarmed by the complaint made public recently by the senator of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) by Elías Piña and spokesman for that entity in the Upper House, Iván Lorenzo.

The legislator expressed in the plenary session “that more than half of the Government’s cabinet hides its assets in tax havens, and the country has to know the politicians and know who we are.”

They point out in a press document, accompanied by a video, that this complaint should not remain in the air because if the truth of it is determined, the health of the Dominican people, the stability and strengthening of the democracy.

They said they hope that the government of the president Louis Abinader inform the people about this serious complaint, “otherwise we would accept the small-town sentence “he who is silent grants”, because by not presenting any objection and remaining silent, he implies that he shows his approval of what has been proclaimed”, indicate.

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Likewise, he specified “that tax avoidance is more pernicious than drug trafficking and money laundering,” and the Dominican State would have done a better service if it did not allow the repatriation of the assets of the officials of this government who stop paying taxes.

“And that capital does not generate employment, and that is pernicious, that money that they evade and hide in tax havens does not allow the government to be much stronger to carry out development plans,” said Lorenzo.

He added that “these taxes must be put on the middle class, and it is true what the European Economic Community (EEC) “We are going to share the load equitably.”

Among the signatories are Tomás Silva, Andrea de Torres, Carlos Manuel Báez, Isidro Contreras, Tomasina Valdez, Elvyn Mota, Rodolfo Suárez, Miguelina de Bueno, Mercedes Inoa, Víctor Rosario, Juan Reyes, Alberto de los Santos, and Emilio Santana, among others.

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