‘O Assassino’: Brad Pitt refuses lead role for unusual reason; faith!

First michael fassbender To be extended to ‘O Suspense’or killer‘, Director david fincher (“Se7en – Os Set Crimes Capitais”), brad pitt He was the favorite for the lead role.

No, ultimately he rejected the offer.

interview for Rolling stone, fincher He said the proposal was made more than a decade ago in 2008, when the project was still in its initial stages.

Para quem no se lambra, the pit And fincher we will also cooperateclube da luta‘In 1999, why did the star refuse to work as a film producer again?

Asked with the same question, fincher respond:

“In 2008, I was thinking about Brad Pitt for the role. But his reaction was: ‘Ah, that’s a bit nihilistic of me.’ Okay, anyway, kyum? We need something that embraces this aspect of the character. Then, about a decade later, when ANDY ,Andrew Kevin Walkeror Roterista) and we are debating, we think about it michael fassbender,

He continued:

Don’t stop participating:

“I sent him a message, saying: ‘I would love to send you this letter, I don’t know what your life is like now, I know you’re driving racing cars…’ And a few hours later, he Came back to me and told me he had the paper.”

give aleem FassbenderDetects names like output Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, arlis howard ea brasileira Sophie Charlotte,

A long time in history, the ruthless killer must face being hired by himself in an international hunt. But, it’s nothing personal for him.


Tall is based on a series of graphic novels’murderer‘, Of alexis nolentThis is an adaptation of Andrew Kevin WalkerAlso responsible for’Se7en – Os Set Crime Capitais,

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