Oaxacan wushu team excelled in Chiapas

The Oaxacan team shone at the 2022 National Wushu and Kungfu Championship, held in Tuxtla, Gutiérrez, Chiapas.

Back in the entity, Isai Eduardo Reyes Mejia, president of the Oaxacan Wushu Association, highlighted the caste with which the local competitors presented themselves, admitting that they have a lot of potential.

At the gala, he specified, there was the participation of approximately 600 gladiators from 18 entities in the country, who fought for medals in the taolu (forms) and sanda (fight) modality.

After these results, he explained that the selected ones who occupied the first places will have to continue preparing, with the intention of being part of the national team of the specialty in the future.

In what was the taolu modality, he explained that Dafne Sofia León Merino won silver and bronze in the five-year-old category; Eli García Mendoza, gold was hung in free hands, six years; Erick William Pedro López won bronze in six years.

Ángel Mateo Hernández Cruz, signed the runner-up in seven years, and in 10 years Daría Itzel Velasco Vásquez and Zenith Guadalupe Guzmán climbed on the podium, the first as a bronze medalist, and the second for gold and silver medals.

In 11 years, Estrella Guadalupe Hernández Cruz achieved second and third, and Erick Cruz Olivo, obtained first and third.

The harvest continued in 13 years, where Yamilet Sayuri Bazán Pérez obtained gold and silver. In 14 years, María Itavii Velasco Vásquez was awarded second place, like Héctor Isaí Andrade Jiménez, and Edgar Alfredo Cruz Ramírez, obtained a first and second place.

Yaretzi Ameyalli Bazán Pérez, fulfilled his category in 15 years amalgamating gold and silver, and in the same division Andre Horacio Reyes Carrasco, returned with two golden metals.

In 16 years, Martín Gaytán Hernández won silver, and Andrea Kenia Sampedro Cruz took gold and silver.

In what was the National Selective Championship, Ailin López López got first in free hands and second in implements, of the Junior B women’s division

Brian Dávila Hernández, hung silver in free hands and bronze in implements in Junior B men’s

And finally: Deni Michelle Rodríguez Rodríguez, achieved the runner-up in free hands and third in implements.

They showed the caste of warriors and warriors


Dafne Sofia Leon Merino

Category 5 years

First place

eli garcia mendoza

Category 6 years

Third place

Erick William Pedro Lopez

Category 6 years

First place

Angel Mateo Hernandez Cruz

Category 7 years

First place

Andre Horary Reyes Carrasco

Category 15 years

First place

Martin Gaitan Hernandez

Category 16 years

First place

Ricardo Rodriguez Velasco

Second place

Antia Isabell Rodriguez Velasco

First place

Omar Karim Leyva Herrera

First place

Kiara Victoria Flores Dominguez


First place

Iker Flores Dominguez

Third place

Enrique Zarate Vasquez

First place

Eugenio Bedxe Ruiz-Sanchez


First place

Adriana Josselyn Gregorio Cruz

First place

Giovanny Gregorio Cruz

Selective National Championship

Third place

Neri Castellanos Salvador

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