“Ocean’s Eleven”, tonight on TV the great robbery of Hollywood stars


Tonight Iris re-proposes the film by Steven SoderberghOcean’s Eleven “ with a great roundup of Hollywood stars including cui George Clooney And Julia Roberts. It’s a successful franchise he had two sequels and one spin off in 2018 entitled “Ocean’s 8

“There might be a way to bring it back. I’m thinking about it .. We haven’t gotten much beyond that. But I don’t know more, I don’t know who would be there. I imagine our main group would be there. It would be interesting to see “

These are the words, second Don Cheadle, with whom Soderbergh would talk about a new one “Ocean’s”. The success of a saga that began with “Ocean’s Eleven ” in 2001. A film literally awarded by the public with 450, 7 million dollars collected in the face of 85 spent to make it and bring the screen to thea story of an unprecedented robbery.

“Ocean’s Eleven”, when the thriller becomes comedy

The Ocean’s Eleven trailer, source HOME CINEMA TRAILER

While considered one of Steven Sodebergh’s minor works “Ocean’s Eleven” has received a notable following. This is because the American director told his film in a different way than usual. In this feature film there is no place for the blood and violence how much for charming and funny criminals that do not fall into the brutality. This is why rather than the classic thriller Soderbergh chooses to turn to tones from brilliant comedy from rhythm tight and that never tires despite passing through some almost unlikely moments.

Some curiosities about the film

In the Italian version of “Ocean’s Eleven” are citedi Ted Turner, Niki Lauda and Elton John while in the American version they are named in their place and less known in Italy former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin, stuntman Evel Knievel and singer Ted Nugent. There are several in this film cameo of famous TV stars like Joshua Jackson and by Soderbergh himself. Finally, the heist of the film takes place during a non-existent box match between Lennox Lewis and Wladimir Klitschko but in real life it was Vitali, Wladimir’s brother, he fight a bout against Lewis.

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