Ochoa has the unbeaten record since 2019

Guillermo Ochoa continues to go through one of the best moments of his career since, once again, he returned to hang zero in his goal, reaching eight games without conceding in Clausura 2022, being one of the best defensive players.

Despite the fact that several fans questioned his level on his return to Liga MX, some even wanted him out of the club, Ochoa has become the great leader of Club América to get into direct positions in the Liguilla.

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Many have the image of the goalkeeper who received many goals, however, there is one fact that can stun all his detractors, since he is the goalkeeper with the most unbeaten batteries since Clausura 2019, with 36, surpassing Camilo Vargas, who has 35 .

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In the third position is Nahuel Guzmán, with 35; Jesus Corona, with 29; Alfredo Talavera, with 27; Rodolfo Cota, with 27; Óscar Ustari, with 25; Carlos Acevedo, with 20, and Antony Silva, with 15.

Ochoa was close to becoming one of the goalkeepers with the most minutes without conceding a goal in Liga MX, but beyond that personal record, the fans have surrendered to the security that recent goalkeepers transmit.

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