OCU has compiled a rating of the four cheapest petrol station networks

Research from the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) shows that fuel costs are a major issue for the majority of drivers in Spain, 54% of whom face serious difficulties to cover car expenses. To mitigate this impact, identifying the cheapest gas stations is critical, as savings can exceed 13% on fuel and up to 25% on electricity for electric vehicles.

Among the cheapest service stations, The BonÀrea network stands out in Catalonia and the surrounding regionsespecially for diesel and 95 petrol. Other low cost networks such as Gas Express, Plenoil, GM Oil, Petroprix and E. Leclerc They also offer competitive prices. Savings compared to the most expensive refills can be up to 0.18 euros per liter, or approximately 9 euros for each 50-liter refill.

On the other hand, the most expensive gas stations Cepsa, BP, Repsol, Petronor and Campsa. In addition, there are significant differences in prices depending on the province. Lleida, Cordoba, Murcia and Almeria are the provinces with the cheapest stations, and The Balearic Islands, Asturias and Gipuzkoa have the highest prices..

To make it easier to find the cheapest gas stations, OCU offers a gas station calculator that allows drivers to find the cheapest gas station near their home or workplace by entering their postcode.

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As for charging electric vehicles, the PCU emphasizes that the difference in prices between electric charging stations is even greater. For example, ultra-fast top-up on the Waylet network is 25% cheaper than on the Ionity network. However, using search apps that allow you to pay across different networks can significantly increase the price. The most economical option is still to charge your car at home.where the cost of charging 50 kWh off-peak is 5 euros compared to more than 20 euros that would cost at a power station.

This study highlights the importance of comparing prices and choosing the most cost-effective options to reduce fuel and charging costs for electric vehicles, thereby easing the financial burden for drivers.

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