OFFICIAL: Alfredo Talavera did not renew with Pumas

The novel between Alfredo Talavera and Cougars It ended: the goalkeeper decided not to renew with the catsdespite the club’s efforts to retain him, so continue his career outside the institution.

The University Club was in charge of publicizing the news through a statement, in which details the offer made to Talavera to continue in the institution, but he declined.

“The Club Universidad Nacional AC shares that it has been working for months on the contractual renewal of Alfredo Talavera, whom he was offered a new two-year contract with the institution, in addition to a substantial salary increase. Despite the efforts of the board, the player has decided not to remain in Pumas“, can be read in the statement of the auriazules.

Talavera appreciates the effort

In addition, Cougars announced the position of Alfredo Talavera once his departure from the club was completed: “I thank you in advance for what you did for me, now I must take this opportunity that presents itself in my career and thus culminate my stage as a footballer and continue my life project“, Said the 39-year-old goalkeeper, in the same statement released by the cats.

Finally, the university students thanked the professionalism and delivery of Alfredo Talavera during his time at the club, since during the two years he was in CougarsIt was determining factor for the club to play two Finals: one of League and another of Concachampions.

Where will Alfredo Talavera play?

In the absence of signing the contract, sources close to halftime confirm that the fate of Alfredo Talavera will be Juarez Bravesby Miguel Ángel Garza, a club that is betting heavily on a restructuring, after being in the last places in the Closure 2022. The goalkeeper will be a key pillar in the border project and commanded by Joaquin del Olmo in the technical direction, at the exit of Ricardo Tuca Ferretti.

Talavera does not retire

Given speculation that Alfredo Talavera would end his career, for not renewing with the university students, and for the expressions that were reproduced in the university statement, the goalkeeper’s representative, santiago arbideclarified his condition on social networks.

This bulletin is misunderstood, Alfredo does not retire as a footballerHowever, the next tournament with the National University Club will not continue,” the agent posted on his account. Twitter.

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