Official song of El Jefe, which is Lily Melgar, explanation of the video

A long time ago, regional Mexican music ceased to be a genre consumed exclusively by people directly related to the country. Paso Pluma, Grupo Frontera, Grupo Firme, Natanael Cano, Fuerza Regida and Christian Nodal are proof that boom has reached popularity in all Latin American countries. And, of course, it will soon start making noise in Europe.

One of the most popular projects of this musical movement that competes directly with Mexico and the United States is Fuerza Resida, a band composed of five musicians born in California, but with very Mexican blood.

They all grew up on the streets of San Bernardino, their communication ranges between English and Spanish and in terms of style they are heavily influenced by the baggy clothing that was popular in hip hop.

Who are the regulating forces?

Jesús Ortiz Paz (known as JOP) is the vocal leader and main composer, Samuel Jaimes is the essentialist, Cristian Ramos is the second guitarist and harmony, José García appears on Tubi and Moises López is the tololochista.

They have been active since 2015, but they became widely known in 2018 when they gained virality on YouTube due to the topic. we live in south central, With that song they reached the ears of the leader of Legado 7, owner of Lumbre Music and the first company that offered them a music contract.

To understand the magnitude of the project, you only need to review the YouTube comments in which you can read “Hello from Colombia, Guatemala loves you, we listen to you a lot in Venezuela or visit Chile.”

Although he already has eleven album projects published, he is best known for singles. The singles SABOR FRESA and TQM have good numbers on Spotify, figures that propel them to enter the top 200 artists with the most monthly listeners on that platform in 2022.

To date, in September 2023, her highest numbered song is Bébé Dame, a collaboration with Grupo Frontera and the main theme of the album Keep Talking,

Fuerza Resida was on the cover of Billboard Digital in 2023, there they talked about how there was a desire to collaborate to grow together before large amounts of money reached the Mexican regional. In the interview he responded that collaboration between bands of this genre was becoming less and less as they began to see each other as enemies.

It was here that he began to look at how to expand this phenomenon and do so with artists outside the Mexican-American movement. Since she signed a deal with Sony Music Latin, she has had the opportunity to merge with artists like Becky G for songs i want to kiss you Or in Maiden Towers Relative,

How did Shakira’s collaboration with Fuerza Resida come about?

On the same day that Shakira received the Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs, it was confirmed that her song Owner This will be a collaboration with Fuerza Resida.

This achievement adds to Shaq’s list of collaborations with musicians from the Sony Music Latin label, with whom she has been associated for over 25 years (for example) Congratulations With Rave Alejandro, monotony with ozuna, Blackmail with maluma, loyal dog with nicky jam, Bike With Carlos Vives, empty cup With Manuel Turizo and deja vu With Prince Royce).

This collaboration is strategic for Fuerza Resida as it is the first time they have been associated with an artist with a career like Shakira, and the Colombian has fans around the world that will help them expand their audience.

In a way, Shack is a platform to continue expanding not only for Fuerza Resida but also for the Mexican region.

Just as Sony Music Latin has managed to get Shakira to collaborate with so many artists, Fuerza Resida is also expected to be a part of collaborations with other artists on the record label. As J Balvin would say, it’s a partner business.

Video interpretation of El Jefe by Shakira and Fuerza Resida

The new video of Shakira and Fuerza Resida takes place in the Mexican audiovisual universe. Starting with the clothes chosen by the Colombians: the northern hat, boots, a tap dance famous on the border between the United States and Mexico, a one-piece red suit with a hat of the same color when riding a horse, among others. ,

The clip also makes a kind of reference to the migration of Latinos to the United States, who cross the border on the La Bestia train, risking their lives. The members of Fuerza Resida are shown as the working class that helps generate money in North America, even if they have jobs that do not allow luxuries.

The song generally talks about low-wage work life, the power dynamics that do not benefit the employee from good treatment or good pay. The song was written by Edgar Barrera, Katin, Manuel Llorente Freire and Shakira.

Official letter head Shakira and Force ruled

7:30 the alarm has gone off
I want to stay in bed,
But this cannot be done..
He took the children at 9 o’clock.

Same coffee, same dishes
Same old thing, same routine.
Another useless day, another day at the office.

I have a crappy boss who doesn’t pay me well.
I come on foot and he comes in a Mercedes Benz,
The son of a p*** hired me as a recruiter

Are you dreaming of leaving the neighborhood?
You have everything you need to become a millionaire,
Expensive taste, mentality;
You just want the salary.

The bills piled up,
Being poor is bullshit.
Mother always told me that everything is ensured by studies,
I studied and nothing happened, damn life is so hard.

I work harder than a bastard, but fuck less than a priest.

Who is Lily Melgar in Shakira’s song?

At the end of the song El Jefe, Shakira says, “Lily Melgar, this song is for you because they didn’t compensate you.” According to some reports, Melgar was an employee of the Piqué family in Barcelona, ​​she was hired by Gerard Piqué’s parents, she worked as a nanny for Milan and Sasha and was paid fairly by the Catalans for her years. Was fired without any reason without receiving. .Useful.

Lily Melgar continues to work with Shakira, now from Miami, and appears in the official video of El Jefe. Clip directed by Jorah Frantzis (Rosalía, Cardi B, Rave Alejandro, Kali Uchis).

Music unites us!

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