Offset offers an Audemars Piguet to Cardi B [PHOTO]

Offset and Cardi B have been married for five years. Despite ups and downs, the two artists still love each other as much and show it to each other. Indeed, we no longer count proofs of love that they are done suddenly astronomical sums and of each other’s craziest gifts. For Mother’s Day, Offset offers a sublime gift to Cardi B.

Indeed, it is this Sunday, May 8 that Americans celebrate Mother’s Day. This is the opportunity for Offset to make a wonderful gift to the woman who has shared his life for years. Indeed, to celebrate Mother’s Day Offset offers an incredible watch to Cardi B. It’s about a Audemars Piguet a value of $300,000 according to rumours.

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Indeed, it is on her social networks that she proudly displays her gift. Remember that the two artists regularly offer the most incredible gifts to each other. We remember in particular the anniversary of Offset in December 2021. To mark the occasion for her husband’s 30th birthday, Cardi B hit very hard.

Indeed, for this memorable evening she is carrying out a large-scale event. In particular, it offers an incredible gift to Offset. Indeed, it is a check of two million dollars. In this regard, she states in particular at this time: “I wondered, what would you like? So baby, it’s your birthday present, I know you’ll have a lot of business in 2022 so take the ***ed present! ».

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