Offset sued for negligence by car insurance company

An insurance company sued the husband of Cardi B. We tell you more in this post.

Mercury Insurance Company Wants Reimbursement

Offset doesn’t have much luck with cars. Earlier this year, Bentley sued Tuesday cardi B about a missing vehicle for almost a million dollars. The case was dismissed, but could be taken up again in Georgia. His bad luck extends to other modes of transportation as well. Few months ago, Cardi B and he saw a yacht sink before their eyes.

Today, Offset is embroiled in another auto lawsuit. An insurance company sued the Migos member for negligence in a car accident. Things that happened almost two years ago. The husband of Cardi B was driving in Encino, California and hit Silvestre Cruz Gutierrez. The victim was in his own car and was seriously injured in the accident.

Mercury Insurance Company covers Gutierrez, and they allege thatOffset caused the accident by negligence. They also claim that the rapper and the vehicle he was driving, a 2018 Dodge Charger, were uninsured. Gutierrez was driving his 2019 Honda Civic with a woman named Maria Salina Lopez when Offset hit them.

The insurance company alleges numerous facts such as the depreciation of Gutierrez’s car, serious injuries and emotional distress. Mercury said she wants full reimbursement for the cover she provided Lopez and Gutierrez.

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