“Oh, God!”: This was experienced by a reporter in the heart of San Salvador

The Salvadoran journalist, Jeremías Sánchez, was about to record the closing of his article in the central market of San Salvador, but passers-by made him live a funny moment.

Through your TikTok account, Jeremiah Sancheza journalist for Code 21, shared a funny moment he experienced in the center of San Salvador while doing his job.

And it is that, as has happened to many Salvadoran reporters, just when he was about to record the closing of his journalistic article, many people crossed him in front of the camera.

“Bringing a livelihood to the home becomes more difficult,” the reporter can be heard saying repeatedly when trying to make his exit, but passers-by kept crossing his path.

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Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image/https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMN2bpAkg/?k=1

“Oh, God,” express Jeremía after seeing that people kept breaking into his work. You can even hear someone say “Take it off, they’re filming, you” to another Salvadoran who had parked a wheelbarrow in front of the camera.

This happened in the middle of the central market of San Salvador where every day hundreds of Salvadorans come to market or buy products for the home.

Although people repeatedly crossed him, Jeremías kept his sanity and decided to share with his followers on TikTok the funny moments he experiences while doing his journalistic work on the streets of El Salvador.

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The journalist was recording the closing of his article when passersby crossed him in front of the camera. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image/https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMN2bpAkg/?k=1

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