Oh mama! Here we go again, a film full of errors and inconsistencies


Oh mama! Here we go again will be broadcast tonight at 9:19 pm on Channel 5. It is the sequel to the famous musical Oh mama! released in theaters in 2008 in which Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried performed, along with the rest of the cast, to the notes of the most famous songs of the ABBA, including the one that gives the title to the film. Oh mama! Here we go again it is actually a peculiar film, which is as much a sequel as it is a prequel to the first film.

Oh mama! Here we go again, the plot

Kalokairi is more beautiful than ever. The Greek island where Donna Sheridan (Meryl Streep) built her hotel has kept its splendor intact. To this is added the desire for Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) to inaugurate Bella Donna, the trendy hotel dedicated to the memory of her mother. For the inauguration she will be helped by her mother’s best friends (Christine Baranski and Julie Walters) and her stepfather (Pierce Brosnan). But the realization of the project is not as simple as planned: Sophie’s marriage with Sky (Dominic Cooper) shows signs of abating and even nature seems to be rowing against the inauguration.

London, 1979. Donna Sheridan (Lily James) wants to travel the world: she is a girl who dreams of singing, but who has no real purpose in life, other than to travel as much as possible. In Paris he meets Harry, but it is in Greece that his destiny will be fulfilled: not only for the meeting with the skipper Bill and the young Sam. But above all because in Greece she will find a place to call home and the person who will love her most in the world.

All the mistakes and inconsistencies of the film

It’s been about ten years between Oh mama! And Oh mama! Here we go again: more than enough time to make a prequel / sequel that was free of errors and continuity issues. In reality this second adventure of the Sheridan families is so full of inconsistencies that it would be questionable whether the director and screenwriter Ol Parker have seen Oh mama! before getting to work on the second film.

The very first inconsistency that appears evident to the viewer is the fact that, in the first film, Donna Sheridan (played by Meryl Streep) was a woman with blue eyes. In the second film, the young version of a woman is played by Lily James, who actually has brown eyes. Although the viewer is always required to suspend disbelief, a certain is evident laziness of realization, when a pair of colored contact lenses would have been enough to solve the problem. This “error”, however, does not affect the story at all: it is a small inconsistency which, if desired, can be overlooked precisely because it does not change elements of the narrative.

However, Ol Parker’s film also presents this type of inconsistency, that is, those that change facts already told. In Oh mama! there is an opening scene, supported by the piece Honey Honey, in which Sophie Sheridan reads her mother Donna’s old diary and establishes that her mother met the three men in her life in this order: Sam, Bill and Harry. In Oh mama! Here we go again, this order is upset: first Donna meets Harry in Paris, then Bill and only at the end does she meet Sam.


As the site reports Pop Buzz, director Ol Parker tried to explain this change, asserting that he wanted to make sure that every man with whom Donna had a “romantic” relationship had their own weight and meaning. He said: “My job was to give Donna different reasons to be with each of the three. Young Harry is comical and has a very English charm. Young Sam is a real love story.” An explanation that nevertheless appears to be the proverbial scramble for mirrors, given that the management of the three sentimental interests is still studded with errors. In the first movie it is clearly stated that Harry arrives on the island and that Donna shows it to him. It is explained that Sam takes Donna to the island while in My mother! Here we go again the two already meet on the island.

However, one of the biggest continuity errors in the film concerns the character of Donna’s mother. In Oh mama! On Sophie’s bachelorette party, Donna confides in her best friends and hints that her mother is dead. Oh mama! Here we go again dismantles this assumption, since not only is Donna’s mother not dead, but she appears alive and well and is Cher. And Cher is also at the center of a strange incident that took place on the set and told by the Dell website‘Internet Movie Data Base. It was in fact the first time that Julie Walters – the actress who plays Rosie, Donna’s best friend – was meeting Cher. Always a fan of the singer, Julie Walter almost literally threw herself on Cher due to the enthusiasm and gave her a strong and warm hug. However, Julia Walters’ glasses got stuck in Cher’s white wig, ruining it, to the point that the production had to look for another one they could use during filming.


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