Olimpia Coral and Zendaya together for the same cause: “the struggle of women is going to change the world”

(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)
(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)

Mexican activist Olimpia Coral Melo is responsible for turning digital violence and harassment into a crime in Mexico. The ‘Olympia Law’, named after her own name. She herself, seven years ago, was the victim of a “revenge porn” by her ex-partner who shared explicit sexual content about her without her consent. Thus, since 2018 those who do what they did to her have been punished with jail. That was worth it considered one of the 100 most influential people in the legendary ranking of Time magazineat whose gala she attended as a special guest where, as she shared through social networks, she agreed on the main points of her fight with different personalities such as the iconic actress Zendaya.

“To my Latina colleagues, that we fight, that we do not remain silent. That fear kills, but also complicity from companies, from countries where bodies are still seen as sexual objects,” said the activist on the red carpet of the publication’s event, emphasizing that the “false discourse of empowerment and beauty stereotypes must also be eliminated, that does not make women women”.

At the event, the Mexican had the opportunity to share her ideas and position with various personalities. One of them is the actress Zendaya, famous for her participation in the Spider-Man saga or in the HBO series Euphoria. But she, particularly, has become endearing to her followers because of the message of justice and equity with which she has handled herself during her career.

“The women’s fight is going to change the world @Zendaya is amazing. #TIME100″, Olimpia wrote next to a small clip of the moment in which she and the actress took a self-portrait.

(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)
(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)

Similarly, he shared the moment when he met Tarana Burke, the American civil rights activist, recognized for having founded the Me Too social movement. “This is @TaranaBurke She is the founder of #MeToo Yes, thanks in large part to her influence, we make our offenders public on social media! #Metoo Clotheslines to report are our path to justice. When we met, it was wonderful. Under the lens of our reaction.

(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)
(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)

And another of the most emotional moments was when he met with Amanda Nguyen, who wrote the article in which the magazine announced why Olimpia was included in its ranking. “The great @nguyen_amanda An enormous struggle united us and I was finally able to cross the border to hug her. The best photo of the night. “Our bodies are not sexual objects, #NiPornoNiVenganza’. #LeyOlimpia #LoVirtualEsReal”, indicated the activist on Twitter.

“Melo Cruz and I are soul mates,” said Amanda Nguyen, writer of the Olimpia article in the famed magazine, “and I hope that she inspires people around the world to not only take up this cause, but also to speak up for themselves. themselves. It can be hard being a survivor, talking about something so personal, but Melo Cruz’s impact will not only be significant right now, he will be remembered in history, and history is on his side.”

(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)
(Twitter: @OlimpiaCMujer)

Olympia herself was surprised by the scope of her fight. In a video call with Infobae the pioneer said that this recognition reminded her that fight is worth it.

“That revealing yourself to something that you do not agree with is worth it. And that in addition, take a cause when it happens to you and do it with a lot of love, with other colleagues, it’s worth it. But beyond the recognition of the magazine, I feel that way because whoever did it (the article naming him) was a victim too. Amanda Nguyen is a survivor of sexual violence that in his country, the United States, he has also achieved laws in favor of the victims of this crime. Recognition gives us the opportunity to speak to the world; that our fight be translated into other languages, reach private companies, touch those who make algorithms on the internet so that they raise awareness about the use of technologies that are intended to harm our bodies. There are those who don’t do it intentionally, they just don’t know what’s wrong. The patriarchal system makes us believe that our bodies, as they are displayed on the internet, are for fun; like we did sexting, they are for them to make fun of us; since we consent to sexual intimacy, digitally, we deserve that. I hope that each of the ways in which I have been recognized will serve to carry out real actions to combat this type of violence”Olympia commented.


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