Olimpia defeats Honduras Progreso with controversy and becomes the lone leader of the Clausura 2023


90+7′: END OF THE MATCH! Olimpia, with a goal from Yustin Arboleda, defeated Honduras Progreso 0-1 at the Humberto Micheletti.

90+6′: Bryan Castillo long distance test, Menjívar contains spectacularly.

90+4′: What barbarians! Jorge Benguché and Kevin López miss Rafael Zúniga’s goal. The white forwards failed alone.

90+2′: Olimpia gets rid of the danger through a corner kick that isn’t dangerous in the Merengue frame either.

90+1′: Dangerous free kick in favor of Honduras Progreso. Carlos Sánchez knocks down Brayan Castillo on the edge of the area!

90′: The fourth official of the match adds seven minutes to stoppage time.

86′: The last minutes of the match between Honduras Progreso – Olimpia are played. The panthers are looking for a tie at all costs.

80′: Honduras Progreso takes a loose free kick and Edrick Menjívar lets the ball pass.

78′: Honduras Progreso makes three changes. Jhon Jairo López brought in Bryan Castillo, José Domínguez and Allan Turcios.

75′: The Whites try to sleep the ball by playing first, but Honduras Progreso tries to recover to execute a counterattack.

70′: Change in Olimpia: Jerry Bengtson and Carlos Pineda enter. German Mejía and Yustin Arboleda leave.

68′: Substitution for Honduras Progreso: Julián Martínez enters, Harold Lasso leaves.

67′: Mango Sánchez shoots a superb left-footed shot into the Honduras Progreso goal, Rafael Zúniga rejects the ball.

65′: Luis Garrido goes down to Kevin López, Nelson Salgado marks a dangerous free kick for Olimpia on the edge of the area.

62′: Olimpia tries to score the second through a set piece, however, the Panthers reject the ball.

56′: The Honduras Progreso footballers complain to the referee after the offside signaled to Ángel Barrios.

55′: OUT OF PLAY! Honduras Progreso scores, but the assistant referee raises the flag after apparent offside.



45′: The fourth referee of the game adds four minutes to the first half of the game.

39: Kevin López assisted from the right wing so that the coffee grower defined under the three sticks of Rafael Zúniga.

39′: OLYMPIA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Yustin Arboleda defines perfect in the goal of Honduras Progreso.

36′: Pedro Troglio makes his first modification: Jorge Álvarez entered for Bonieck García. The Merengue midfielder left due to an injury to his right thigh.

32′: Maylor Núñez sends a poisonous cross into the Honduras Progreso area, but Rafael Zúniga avoids danger by pocketing the ball.

27′: Nelson Salgado shows a yellow card to Jonathan Paz, after a clear foul on a Honduras Progreso player.

24′: Rodin Quiñones once again gains the position from Maylor Núñez, but the referee whistles a free kick in favor of Olimpia. The whites will take a free kick.

19′: QUIÑONES AGAIN! The Colombian soccer player won the ball from Maylor Núñez, he was outlined, but he shot into the hands of Menjívar!

15′: Rodin Quiñónes knocks on Olimpia’s door again, but Edrick Menjívar cuts brilliantly. The one from Islas de la Bahía receives medical attention.

9′: Solani Solano wins the ball on the edge of the area, corner kick for the lion!

7′: WHAT DID YOU DO? Colombian Rodin Quiñones controlled the ball, entered the area and forgave Edrick Mejívar’s goal.

6′: OFFSIDE! German Mejía tries from long distance, but his shot goes wide of Rafael Zúniga’s goal.

3′: They forgive him the red! The central referee of the match forgives the life of Tomas Sorto, a footballer from Honduras Progreso. Clear and violent foul on German Mejía. He showed the yellow to the selected sub-20.

1′: Olimpia quickly gained the end line, but a defender from Honduras Progreso rejects the ball from the box.



7:05 PM: We are ten minutes from the start of the game between the Panthers and the Merengues.

6:58 PM: The players from Honduras Progreso and Olimpia return to their dressing rooms after the pre-competitive warm-up.

6:52: Solani Solano, Gabriel Araújo, Edrick Menjívar and Jorge Benguché are novelties in Olimpia’s lineup.

6:45: The soccer players from Olimpia and Honduras Progreso are already on the grass of the Humberto Micheletti Stadium to carry out the pre-competitive exercises.

6:39 PM: Historical series: 36 games: Olimpia won 22, Honduras Progreso won six and tied eight.

6:35 PM: Series in El Progreso: 17 games: Olimpia won eight, Honduras Progreso won five and tied four.

6:30 PM: Honduras Progreso, for its part, won three valuable points in La Ceiba, after defeating Vida 1-2, in a match that was thrashed by Dixon Ramírez and coffee grower Jhan Carlos Mora.

6:26 PM: One of the most important data from this match is that “La Pimpa” has not lost in 18 consecutive games playing on the road or at home.

6:21 PM: 11 Olympia: Edrick Menjivar; Jonathan Paz, Brayan Beckeles, Maylor Núñez, Gabriel Araújo, German Mejía, Boniek García, Solani Solano, Jorge Benguché and Yustin Arboleda.

6:17 PM: 11 from Honduras Progress: Rafael Zúniga: Tomás Sorto, Alberto Paredes, Fabricio Galindo, Ángel Barrios, Dixon Ramírez, Luis Garrido, Jhan Carlos Mora, Harold Lasso, Carlos Pérez and Rodin Quiñones.

6:15 PM: In addition, this match marks the return to the courts of Rio de Janeiro Gabriel Araújo, who was suspended from the second leg of the semifinals between Olimpia – Marathón, in the Apertura 2022 tournament, in which the hero of the lion in the Concacaf League final, celebrated controversially.

6:07 PM: The “black panthers”, forced to take points to start forgetting about the relegation places, face Olimpia, who has just beaten Real Sociedad 5-0, a direct rival of the “rice growers” ​​in the accumulated table.

6:04 PM: At 7:15 p.m., it is the scheduled time for the match, in which Jhon Jairo López will have a duel on the bench against Pedro Troglio, five times champion of the National League.

6:00 PM: Welcome to MINUTE BY MINUTE of the great match between Honduras Progreso – Olimpia for day 2 of the Clausura 2023 tournament.

You can see: This is how date 2 will be played in Honduras: Historical series, time and where to see the five Clausura 2023 games

TIME: 7:15 PM.

Broadcast: Tigo Sports.

Day 2.

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