“Oliveira and I can help the team win”

Maitland-Nlies, do you feel you are passing through Roma or do you think you could stay for a few years?

“Right now I prefer to focus on the present rather than my contract. I am focused on myself, on the Club, and above all on achieving the objectives that Roma are pursuing at the moment, which is a placement in the top four “.

You immediately met the two faces of Roma: excellent for 70 minutes and largely insufficient for another 20: what idea are you made of these contradictions?

“The ups and downs are part of football. True, those seven minutes cost us dearly. There was a drop in concentration, it cost us the victory. In this sense, we must work to change our mentality and have regularity and concentration for 90 minutes plus any recovery. This goal can only be achieved by working together “.

What is your opinion on Serie A?

“Serie A is undoubtedly a very important championship, very different from the Premier League: more tactical, and it also seemed very technical to me. And as the first match also demonstrated, it is a championship where concentration must be kept very high from the first to the last minute “.

He recognized that the team lacks a winning mentality. Can you new purchases contribute to making it grow?

“Sure. I am convinced that both Sergio and I have the ability and the will to convey this mentality and to help the team in order to win games, all together. Football is about this: winning games. That’s what the Club asks of us and that’s what the coach asks of us. If we don’t win, we are not happy. Reason why we must return to winning as soon as possible, to smile and be happy again. “

You are the third English player: did this influence your choice? Did you know Abraham and Smalling? Then a curiosity: on the pitch and in training, does Roma speak English or are training done in Italian?

“I knew Tammy (Abraham, ed) before arriving here in Rome. I didn’t know Chris well, I had the pleasure of meeting him here. As for training, I understand the language of football and therefore, even if the coach speaks Italian, I still manage to follow his instructions, because I manage to contextualize them. Instead, for the nuances or a few words here and there, Claudio (Bisceglia, the translator, ed) gives me a hand “.

What is your biggest trait and what do you feel you need to grow in?

“Regarding my strengths, I believe I am a versatile player, a player of good running, with a good engine, with a lot of energy on the pitch, fast, strong, technically skilled and with a good reading of the game.

Now it’s about putting all these qualities into practice, so that my performance is always at a high level. About what I can improve on, it is precisely this regularity of performance, which allows me to always have excellent performance and not be satisfied with normal, sufficient performance and that every action can be incisive “.

How was the relationship with his teammates in these first days and how does Mourinho work?

“The first day in particular was quite hectic, there were so many things to do, to fix. I only had one first training session before playing the first game. A first game that I wanted to play, because I came here for this. The relationship with the coach and teammates has strengthened, we know each other more and more, better and better and even the coach has been able to see me at work and has been able to see my qualities both in the defensive and proactive phases “.

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