“Oliveira perfect for Mou. The truth about Esteves

In recent days, Rome has formalized the engagement of Sergio Oliveria, the Portuguese journalist André Monteiro helps us to get to know him and the young Esteves better

“He doesn’t have a beastly physique, but he is a complete mix of aggression, dynamism and great technique”. André used these words Monteiro, ‘Record’ journalist interviewed exclusively by Asromalive.it to get to know even better Sergio Oliveira, second January purchase of the Rome.

Sergio Oliveira © LaPresse

The Portuguese midfielder was linked to Roma last summer. “There were rumors of a possible transfer on loan, but at that moment Porto would never have given away the best player of the season just ended with that formula. He had just won the ‘Golden Dragon’ for best player of the season. There Fiorentina, in fact, he wanted to buy it outright and that negotiation was the only concrete one, then faded with the farewell of Gattuso at the purple club. The real and concrete negotiation with the Rome I think it started about two weeks ago ”.

The Portuguese colleague then denied the existence of a promise between Oliveira and Porto to let him leave in the event of a major offer in January. “I don’t think there was any promise. There is a bond that has lasted for almost 20 years between Sergio and the club. When he reached the last year of his contract, he refused to go away at zero and wanted to renew the contract because he loves Porto. There was no promise, but a sense of mutual gratitude. He did not want to leave on a free transfer and has renewed to give Porto the opportunity to monetize since his departure. He cares too much for the club and the fans. He knew that Porto’s financial conditions were not optimal ”.

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Rome, Monteiro has no doubts: “Sergio Oliveira perfect for Serie A and Mourinho”

Rome, exclusive: Monteiro on Oliveira, Esteves and Mourinho
José Mourinho © LaPresse

Moving on to the technical-tactical aspect, Monteiro has no doubts: “I think the Italian championship was the best choice Oliveira could have made. Sergio is an aggressive and intense player, but he is not a beast physically and has great technical skills. For this I believe that in leagues like the Bundesliga and the Premier League it would have been more difficult. In Italy, both tactics and technique are important. Playing the ball well is important and so I think it was a great choice. I think it fits the game idea of Mourinho, because his teams are looking for a quick transition to the attack and Oliveira is a great passer. He is not a player who holds too much ball, but he knows how to pass it really well. I think it’s perfect for a Mou team. Do you compare? I can make some comparisons from the point of view of the characteristics, probably as a style of play it can be compared to Jorginho and a little to Pirlo, because their peculiarities are technique, passing and shooting. He can play both as number 6 and as number 8. He also has defensive skills, but in shooting and in the last pass he is very good, as well as being very good on a free kick ”.

Monteiro on Esteves: “Here are his characteristics”

Transfer market Rome, Monteiro on Esteves
Sergio Conceicao © LaPresse

In recent days, there has also been talk of another possible deal with the Port and an interest in the Rome for Tomas Esteves. “He is a Porto B right-back who also plays in the Portuguese youth teams. He has very offensive characteristics and hasn’t had many opportunities in the first team, I think Sergio Conceiçao thinks he still needs to improve from a defensive point of view. It has great potential, but we have no information on this interest from Roma. Sure there was something there in the summer, but it didn’t work. He is a Jorge player Mendes and this is an important aspect when it comes to Mourinho and his teams. Maybe it’s a lead you can follow, but not right now ”.

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