Olivia Rodrigo and her clones ‘Bring her back!’ Destroy houses and break windows in the video for!

cover of Rolling stone That’s Not the Only Good Thing by Olivia Rodrigo: The singer-songwriter has released a new video for the song Courage ‘bring him back!’

Directed by Jack Begert, the video features Rodrigo casually causing trouble wherever he goes, whether it’s destroying a house or causing traffic, while he tries to get back at a nice-but-bad ex. Desire sings about because he loves her and because he wants to make her his. Life is miserable.. In the video, several clones of Rodrigo throw knives, blow up cars and add to the chaos with the song. Courage,

‘bring him back!’ It is the third Guts song for which Rodrigo collaborated following the album’s first singles, ‘Vampire’ and ‘Bad Idea Right?’ A video has been released after. (They also released a live rendition of ‘All-American Bitch’.) Rodrigo premiered Courage Last Friday, September 8, his second album was launched after his debut, Tart,

In his new cover story for Rolling stoneRodrigo talks in detail about a job that exceeded expectations CourageHow he tried to build on what he achieved Tart, and also create something completely different. ‘bring him back!’ – replete with witty lines and spikes – certainly embodies some characteristics that were particularly important to Rodrigo.

He said, “Our goal was to make something more fun, a record that wasn’t taken so seriously.” “The last album was definitely a breakup record, which disappointed me a lot. I was really trying not to let that happen, but it was just the way it was. I feel very happy these days. Everything is very good. So I wasn’t going to make a super destructive, ballad album.”

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