Olivia Rodrigo explained why she loves Cardi B and the rapper responded to the compliments


If you follow Olivia Rodrigo you definitely know she’s a super fan of Taylor Swift because she has often repeated it on social media or in interviews, but she is also a great admirer of Cardi B!

The 18-year-old singer revealed to Apple Music to have a real passion for the rapper: “I’m so in love with her, I want to marry her” he started.

He said he particularly loved the song “” Get Up 10 ““: “That’s energy. I’m obsessed with her and I love Invasion of Privacy”, which is the first album of the 28-year-old colleague.


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Olivia Rodrigo then explained that the thing he appreciates most is the honesty with which Cardi B writes his songs: “When I listen to them, I say to myself, ‘Oh wow, he really said that on an album.’ My favorite artists are those who say things that other people are afraid to say. She does this so well“.


So the rapper is also an inspiration for her music: “It’s definitely something I’ve been confronted with by writing songs myself. She gives me the courage to say whatever it means and to be honest as I tell my story” he added.

Cardi B heard the interview and responded to compliments in a tweet: This is so sweet. You’re doing so well for your age – wrote – Don’t let toxic things get to you and don’t let anyone limit your voice“.

We remind you that Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album is entitledSour” and will be available worldwide starting next May 21st: go here to read the tracklist!

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