Olivia Rodrigo has not cut herself: she has chosen the three songs from ‘Guts’ that she likes the most and ‘Vampire’ is not among them – Music

As we have been saying, Olivia’s second album is already a reality and with it, its 12 tracks have now become a reality. ranking Among its author’s favorites.

From their album,’Courage‘, he told us at its premiere that “This album was about focusing more on the art of songwriting, which sometimes meant not taking it so seriously and being a little more cheeky in my lyrics. We experimented a lot with different writing approaches and ended up with something that is much more rock-influenced than anything I’d done before.,

Option: Olivia’s Three

in interview with amazon music, olivia rodrigo Tell us which ones are your favorites and why you chose them. And, showing that open character which already characterizes him, he did not hesitate in choosing.

‘All-American Bitch’


‘Love is shameful’

‘Himmat’, album

This is an album designed to express the spirit of the rebellion in live performance and sung by the rebels for their audience. olivia rodrigo, We also have to face the youthful spirit of wondering how long, in love and in life: this is what more than a ballad is for,’teenage Dream,

olivia With this album he showed that he is capable of doing anything. There we must listen carefully’logical‘Not because it’s a ballad, but because it helps us understand what kind of interpretation the third surname is rodrigo,

It’s here Twelve Opportunities to subscribe to an artist, Now!provides us with a Second album but what, to the old manWilling to surrender to him:

1. All American Bitch

2. Bad idea right?

3. Vampire

4. Lacy

5. Song of a homeschooled girl

6. Making the bed

7. Logical

8. Bring him back!

9. Love is embarrassing

10. Malice

11. Beautiful is not beautiful

12. Teenage Dream

olivia rodrigo From the new album’Courage‘, he told us that “For me, This album is about growing pains. And trying to figure out who I am right now in my life what do i mean Of course in my songs. I made most of this album during my 19th year on this earth. one year heIt was very confusing for me, mistakesrestlessness and Tension Old fashioned teen.,

“When I was doing sour, I was very new at it Process And I was also very disappointed; I would sit in front of the piano for hours and feel overwhelmed with what I needed. express,Rodrigo says. “But this album was about focusing more on the art of songwriting, which sometimes meant not trying so hard at it. Be serious and a little more sarcastic In my letters. We experimented a lot with different writing approaches and ended up with something that’s far more impressive than rock More than anything I’ve done before.”

Partly written in mythology Electric Lady Studio in New York City,’Courage‘came to life mainly in the garage studio Black in Los Angeles. Although each song intensifies the emotional honesty that has always permeated its narrative, the album ultimately finds rodrigo Expanding your expressive palette and discovering entirely new dimensions of your art.

Here we can hear/see the whole,’Courage,

rodrigo and music

Winner of Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance at the 64th Grammy Awards (for which she received a total of seven nominations), rodrigo He launched’Driver’s license‘In January 2021 And the song debuted at number 1 on the charts billboard hot 100Became the first player in history to reach 80 million streams in seven days on Spotify.

,TartCame at number 1 in the list billboard 200, subsequently becoming the first album to have the longest stay in the top 10 of the chart this century, and the first to spend a full year in the elite. This also includes singles’deja vu‘, 3 times platinum certified,’Tart‘ earned the most US audio streams for a debut album by a female artist and broke the record for the most streamed album in a week by a female artist on Spotify. #1 named album 2021 Hailed as one of the best albums of 2021 by Rolling Stone and by The New York Times,’Tart‘ has sold over 17 million albums with over 40 billion streams worldwide.

All 11 songs from that album have been certified platinum or multi-platinum. RIAAand entered the top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100. rodrigo First female artist to have 11 or more songs simultaneously in the top 30.

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