Olivia Rodrigo + Lolo Zouay + Cardi B + James Blake and more

Today’s Friday Music Selection includes new album Olivia RodrigoA super bubblegum video by lolo zaouiExplosive video of and bongos with Cardi B. And megan the stallion, In addition, we will also listen to recently released albums james blake and of the chemical BrothersWe’ll take a look at the new audiovisual V Of bts, even more. let’s get started!

1.Olivia Rodrigo, Courage

it arrived today Courage, The long-awaited continuation of Tart Of 2021. olivia rodrigueor upgraded LP, which was recorded with the producer Tartdan nigro, with simple vampire And Bad idea isn’t it?, Rodrigo said in an interview with Apple Music, “I feel like when you’re making an album, you can’t really see the forest through the trees a little bit to see what it’s about or you. What are you trying to express.” “Sometimes you just wake up, go into the studio and see what comes out of you. Looking back, I think a lot of this album is about the confusion that comes with becoming a young adult and figuring out your place in this world and figuring out who you want to be and who you want to be. Who you want to hang out with and all that.


2. Lolo Zaua, VVVIP

lolo zaoui Returning today after releasing his single Repeat weeks ago; And on this occasion he surprised us with the topic VVVIP, For a minute and a half, Lolo takes us into her world, which we can summarize as a bubblegum pop atmosphere. The song sounds light and emits a pleasant pink glow, which feels good.

3. Cardi B + Megan Thee Stallion, bongos

Shocked the world with its collaboration after three years wap, Cardi B. And megan the stallion They come together for some other topic. His new single, bongos, is a hard-hitting dembow-influenced track that will definitely be in heavy rotation. Cardi starts the song and from the beginning lets us know who’s in control, she controls the flow and makes her boyfriend eat her like a berry. Reminding us of their musical chemistry as a pair, Meg appears, warning wannabes of clout and telling them she doesn’t want fakers. The single’s accompanying music video features Meg and Cardi on a colorful island wearing exotic outfits and dancing to their heart’s content.


4. James Blake, playing robots in heaven

james blake Returning with a new album, playing robots in heaven, available now through Republic. continuation of friends who break your heart The producer will return to his electronic music roots in 2021. “I think this album is actually the most confident album I’ve released in a long time, because it’s not trying to be good at anything,” Blake said in an interview. zane lowe From Apple Music 1. “I was feeling like this friends who break your heart I was trying to get good at writing songs and making everything sound a little bit the same. There was a desperate search for something great that I didn’t yet have and almost a longing agony. It’s something that’s out there and it’s very hard, when you’re thinking about something in terms of acquiring a skill or trying to get to a certain imaginary place. “You’re taking yourself out of the moment.”


5.V, slow dance

solo album of V, overestimationarrived and along with the release its singers also bts Released a cool music video with the song slow dance. The clip shows the K-pop star taking a road trip to the beach with his friends. As vehicles pass through the mountains, V He takes the opportunity to soak up as much sun as possible and sticks his head out the window to catch more air before returning to the car to take some fun Polaroid photos with his friends in the passenger seats.


6. Chemical Brothers, that beautiful feeling

the chemical Brothers He released his tenth studio album today, For that beautiful feeling. This is a chance to make an album recorded in your own studio the chemical Brothers “To suppress that wild moment in which the sound overpowers you and almost drowns you, but in the end it allows you to ride its wave towards unknown destinations,” as they themselves put it in a statement. telling. In simple terms: it’s about getting lost in music, in this case through joyful chaos and frightening psychedelic instrumentals. The album’s contributions include Signal Also French psych-pop singer Hello Maude.

7. Flo Milli, chocolate Rain

flo milly He’s giving us something sweet today with his new song chocolate Rain, The release of the song was earlier hinted at on social media. chocolate Rain Filled with clever bars and sweet candy metaphors guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and feminine style flo milly Makes the song even more attractive. Additionally, Flo is preparing for the release of her second album, ok, stayCompleting the reality TV-inspired trilogy that includes his debut mixtape, yes, why are you here, And his first album, You are still here. yes?


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