Olivia Rodrigo reveals her favorite song from ‘GUTS’ and what it really means. LOS40

Now yes: nothing stops Olivia Rodrigo from launching her highly anticipated new album. CourageThe American singer’s second studio album will arrive next Friday, September 8. And what does that mean? Well, the singer is in full promo for USA. Olivia, who has already started touring the leading publishers of the American country, provided the most comprehensive interviews for interview magazine.

Artist Phoebe Bridgers is in charge of sitting down with Olivia to talk about her new album. The two artists have shared the most varied conversation, chatting about fame, music and the phenomenon twilight, And the thing is that when the first film came out, Olivia was only a 4-year-old girl. Despite this, she is a true fan of the saga starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. That’s why he wanted to pay his own little tribute to her in some elements of the vampire video clip!

“The first film is a masterpiece. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I was very young. When I was only four years old my mother found some vampire drawings I made. I felt like ‘that’s when I I’ve been obsessed with him since I was little”. In fact, the singer confesses that she even asked her mother to buy her a sweatshirt, similar to the one Bella wore in the saga’s debut.

about the signs in their songs

Bridgers wanted to know whether Olivia sends the songs to the people who inspired her (for better or worse) to write before publishing them. the young woman who rose to fame drivers license, A song dedicated to her former partner Joshua Bassett has given the following answer: “It’s a great question. I think there was a lot of weird shit in the media last time and I didn’t know how to deal with it. It was literally what I Was dating the first song and all that happened. I felt I wasn’t quite ready. It was an overwhelming experience, but now I definitely feel a responsibility. I try not to think about it during the writing process.”

Olivia further explains that with her new album, GUTS, she had to stop thinking about what she would say in order to express all her feelings: “When I started writing this record, I sat at the piano and pretended was that there were other people listening to what I was writing, which is terrible and counterproductive to creativity, so I had to write what I wanted and then think about the social implications. It’s complicated. I don’t think Is anyone clear on this. I can’t even believe that people listen to my music and talk about it, so it’s crazy to think about it. I guess I’m still learning to deal with all of that.”

In fact, when Olivia wrote the song Fame Faker, she doubted one of her favorite phrases: “fame faker”. “I played it to some people, and they said, ‘It’s really irrelevant. You can’t write a song about it.’ I think you have to be careful when you write songs about fame. Sometimes people don’t want to hear about it. But fame is more accessible than ever. Everyone wants some sort of internet virality, And there’s so much social climbing and lust for fame in the world that has nothing to do with living in Los Angeles or New York. It’s something that’s prevalent in our generation,” says the singer.

on his favorite GUTS song

one of his favorite songs Courage Is All american bitch. A topic whose title sounded funny and was born thanks to Joan Didion’s book The White Album. A book that came out in 1979 and is a collection of many of the author’s essays focused on politics, society, and American culture.

“She has a lot of great quotes. I was reading about how Joan Didion was going to San Francisco to meet all those hippies who had been on acid for five years and went to a Grateful Dead concert. She was talking to a hippie. who ran away from home and called his mom an ‘American bitch.’ And I thought, ‘That’s the best line I’ve ever heard,’ so I had to write a song about it Fell.”

Without a doubt, we can’t wait to hear GUTS by Olivia Rodrigo right now. And it looks like the singer is willing to give a lot to talk about this new album.

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