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Olivia Rodrigo has revealed the tracklist for her new album, ‘GUTS,’ and the title is priceless. opens ‘All American Bitch’, sounding like her ideal Courtney Love; It features a ‘homeschooled girl ballad’ and ends ‘teenage dream’, a possible reference to Katy Perry.

‘Vampire’, the first single, one of the best songs of 2023 right now, is on track 3 of the album and the next single, as per rumours, will be ‘Get Him Back’ and will be released on August 25, 2020. weeks before the release of the album, which is released on 8 September.

1. All American Bitch
2. Bad idea isn’t it?
3. Vampire
5. A Homeschooled Girl’s Song
6. Making the Bed
7. logical
8. bring her back
9. Love Is Embarrassing
10. Hatred
11. Beautiful is not beautiful
12. Teenage Dream

Olivia shared a teaser on Instagram with the ‘GUTS’ tracklist which features a snippet of an unreleased song, which is faster than ‘Vampire’ as it clearly veers from 2000s dance-punk. Brings inspired sound.

On its part, ‘Vampire’ remains strong in the 10 most listened to songs in the world: without a doubt, we are facing one of the major hits of 2023… although in Spain we don’t know it This is because the song has already dropped out of the entire Top 100 Singles Chart.

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