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Olivia Rodrigo debuted at number 1 on Spanish Albums with ‘GUTS’, repeating the feat she achieved in 2021 with ‘SOUR’ and also taking first place in vinyl sales.

The artist, who has achieved number 1 in both the United States and the United Kingdom, does the same in our country and, in addition, the single includes four songs in Spain: ‘Vampire’ and ‘Bad idea right?’ They re-enter at numbers 53 and 73 respectively, ‘Bring Her Back’ debuts at number 79 and ‘All-American Bitch’ does the same at number 83.

Furthermore, the album totaled 5,122 units, including 2,955 pure sales and 2,167 related to streaming. On the other hand, this launch has significantly improved its predecessor ‘SOUR’, which has climbed to the 16th position and has already sold over 68,413 units with 26,443 net sales and 41,970 streaming. In this way, Olivia succeeds in dethroning Rodrigo Mora, who had been at the top of the list for two weeks with “‘Estrella'” and now had to be content with second place.

As far as the rest of the entries are concerned, we find Nil Molinar at 34th place with ‘Vuela Alto’, followed by ‘Layover’, the debut album from BTS’s South Korean V. At 44 the Spanish post-punk group Belaco enters with their ‘Sigo Regando’, and next we find YSY A and Future with ‘Tu Duo Favorito’ at 47. The electronic music of ‘Mid Air’ by Romy enters the top 50, The Doors’ ‘Live at the Matrix 1967’ comes in at number 62 and The Chemical Brothers comes in at number 65 with their ‘For That Beautiful Feeling’. Closing out the list, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumors Live’ comes at 80th & Roisin. Murphy did the same in 88 with his ‘Hit Parade’.

The strongest re-entry is by Maria at number 76 for ‘Los coltos del tiempo’, while the most notable is by the now deceased Maria Jiménez with ‘La vida a mi corazón’.

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