Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh fight rumors increase

Since it was announced last year, and since it arrived the first trailer in may, Don’t Worry Darling‘ Is generating much anticipation for the cast that brings together, led by the couple Harry Styles/Florence Pughbetween which the sparks fly in the film, as successive previews have shown, and the commented sexual scenes that star.

However, it is also being very commented on by a series of controversies that are surrounding the promotion of the film. Of the scare that Jason Sudeikis gave his ex at the presentation of the film at CinemCon to the recent rudeness in networks by the leading actress, Florence Pugh, for the latest developments of the movie.

All this in the middle of a conversation generated for the presence of Harry Styles in the filmand for the sound of his relationship with the director, Olivia Wildewhich has led to theories suggesting that the love relationship that arose between Wilde and Harry Styles during filming, would have made Pugh look somewhat awkward before the change of dynamics between director and protagonists.

Pugh had already shown in an interview with Harpers Bazaar your rejection to what they were only talking about these sexual scenes: “When it comes down to your sex scenes, or watching the most famous man in the world make out with someone… That’s not what I’m in this industry for.. I’m not going to talk about it because this movie is bigger and better than that. And the people who have done it too.”

Adding to this discomfort that he expressed in his interview is the fact that Florence has not been very present in the promotion of the movie. Neither she nor Olivia Wilde have spoken about how she has been their professional relationship in this filmwhich has fed those rumors in networks about his alleged bad relationship on set.

Like this user’s comments on Twitter, who writes: “Florence talking about ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, and dragging olivia wilde with it because she is doing his campaign around sex when the movie is really about something else… Simply wonderfulThank you for your service.”

How to carry the promotional campaign by Olivia Wilde would be one of the reasons for their dispute, but they also place them in the possible tension that they would have experienced on the set. In any case, this confrontation, real or not, also it is helping them to talk more about the film.

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