Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh s had a fight on the set of ‘Don’t worry dear’

Do not worry dear has become the most controversial topic in Hollywood in recent weeks. The tape, which premieres in Venice with the rumor of disagreements between its director Olivia Wilde and the star Florence Pugh, has been generating very disparate rumors and headlines. Wilde denied such accusations, explaining that even Harry Styles’ spitting was an online fabrication. Now, with the film released in theaters and with barely 19 million dollars raised, Warner has carried out an investigation to clarify what happened in this troubled shoot and it seems that, according to vultures there were loud arguments and shouting on the set.

Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde s came to argue on the set Do not worry dear

According to the latest leaks, in January 2021 the actress and the director would have had a strong shouting argument in the middle of the set, a situation that was repeated several times over the months. Pugh would have grown tired of Wilde’s constant absenceswho left her duties as director to spend time in the company of Harry Styles, singer and actor with whom he began a romantic relationship during filming. That motivated the divorce Wilde with Jason Sudeikis, a close friend of Florence Pugh. “Olivia and Harry disappeared”sources close to the shoot have explained. It is said that Wilde’s attitude was the trigger for Florence Pugh’s refusal to speak directly with the director, even trying to avoid eye contact with her.

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles

Shia LaBouf’s departure from the project made everything rare, since contrary to what Wilde said publicly, it was the actor himself who decided to leave of his own free will. That angered the executives of Warnersince the CEO at that time, Toby Emmerich, he found himself negotiating with the film’s actors and actresses, especially with Florence Pugh, looking for a way to keep them tied to the project. Emmerich raised the salaries of his stars but conditioned them to the box office of the film, showing that if it was a commercial success, everyone received succulent incentives. Taking into account the commercial performance of the film, somewhat meager for the expectations of the Hollywood studio, this part of the agreement seems compromised.

Warner was concerned about Olivia Wilde’s mismanagement on set; Florence Pugh almost quit

According to the research article, both Emmerich and his associates were very unhappy with WildeBoth because of what happened with Pugh and because of how he managed LaBeouf’s departure. “Olivia is either a crazy genius who figured out a way to get people to know more about the movie so it can increase the box office or she doesn’t have any self-esteem and awareness that she’s screwing up her movie.”says another source close to the production.

“We are proud of Olivia Wilde’s work on this incredibly beautiful and entertaining film, and we look forward to working with her again. Any suggestion of a conflict between the studio and Olivia is simply false,” they have officially explained through a statement when the article has been published vulture. What really happened on that shoot?

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