Olivia Wilde and the dress with a low back

olivia wilde plunging neckline dress

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    From the Venetian Mostra to the San Sebastian Film Festival and, from there, to the Lincoln Square Theater to present the film Don’t worry darling. At the gates of releasing the film he directs, Olivia Wilde does not stop. In less than a week already has been in three different enclaves and in all three he has radiated style with his outfits.

    If in the first she dazzled with a Greek-cut yellow dress and, in the second, she surprised in a green sequined Valentino outfit, now the filmmaker and actress has once again grabbed the spotlight with a black dress with mermaid skirt and long sleeves accompanied by the cast of the production in the photo call of the New York theater.

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    With Harry Styles also posing at this same event wearing a velvet and pinstripe ensemble, Olivia Wilde put aside eccentricity and decided to bet her cards on simplicity and discretion, but not monotony, since she dazzled when she turned around and show her back with maxi neckline and bowdetail that added a point differentiator to the garment.

    olivia wilde

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    The one that in its day achieved fame, above all, for starring in the series Housejoined one of the trends in fashion that prevail this year: that of recover the aesthetics of the 2000s. It did so by adding a nostalgic trend that many teenagers wore at the beginning of the century in its rubber version for everyday wear and in the wooden one for more formal occasions: an overlapping of bracelets. Olivia Wilde added several of these accessories on both of her arms, as well as different large rings that she showed off with her burgundy painted nails.

    There are only three days left the long-awaited movie Don’t worry darling come out in theaters. A date that will put the finishing touch to this frenetic pace of events attended by Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles for their inaugural promotion.

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